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  1. I love that there are so many Broadway musical teens:) My daughter is always lookin for her “people”🙂 Great suggestions so far!
  2. I have a daughter who will be a Sophomore next year and she is obsessed with Broadway Musicals. Does anybody know of a course she could get credit for studying musicals? I would love to create something but I don’t have a clue how to make a high school course.
  3. We are traveling to Branson for a week in February and I would love some suggestions on things to do/see! There will be 6 kids ages 2-15. Thanks!
  4. Has anybody used this book as their L.A. curriculum and supplemented the chapters to last a full year? If so, any suggestions for supplementing? My dd is going into 6th grade. Thanks!
  5. Someone gave me the Zang multiplication card game but it didn't have instructions and I have looked all over on line and can't find how to play. Anybody know and willing to share?
  6. It didn't work for my oldest but it worked great for my youngest!
  7. This is not the one but it looks really good too! Thank you:)
  8. I read on a blog about an animated series on Prime or NetfliX about a family in WW2. I thought I saved it to my watch list but I didn't and now I can't find it. The only thing I remember was the cover had kids holding hands walking. Does anybody know what it is? I know that is not a lot to go on but that's all I can remember. Thanks!
  9. I feel like I have tried every science available with my 11 yr old dd. She has not enjoyed any of them! She loves the show Good Eats so I was thinking about coming up with something based off the show. Maybe she could watch one show a week and do some sort of informal write up about the episode or I could make a simple sheet to fill out for each episode and at the end of the month she picks one show she watched and tries to create that food and maybe does a more formal write up of what she learned. I would love any feedback or ideas!
  10. Thanks so much OneStepAtATime for taking the time to share. Can't wait to check out the resources! Looking forward to your book suggestions. This was very helpful!
  11. OneStepataTime would you mind sharing the movies and resources you added to go along with Greece and Rome? We have just started and would love to add a little to it. Thanks!!
  12. Inside Out and Back Again and the 3rd Harry Potter. Both were huge hits. We just started Heidi a week ago and the jury is still out on that one.
  13. I want to make quite a few changes in how we are doing school. I have a dd in 4th and one in 1st and I really want to let go of most of our curriculum and try unschooling. I figure if it doesn't work out we can always go back to what we were doing for 5th and 2nd grade, right? My 4th grader Is so smart and would read all day if you let her but she really struggles with writing and spelling so it is really hard for me to give those up formally but at the same time what we are doing doesn't really seem to be working so why do I feel the need to hold onto it. Oh well, we shall see.
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