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  1. I have a copy of FLL. It's the first edition that contains levels 1 and 2. I'm planning on using it with my first grader. Do I need to upgrade to the second edition if I'm planning on using WWE also?
  2. My younger sons had the same reaction when we would swim in pools. I have found that sunscreen lotion with a high SPF seems to act like an insulator against the water. I re-apply often and shower them as soon as we come home. By way of encouragement, my older son grew out of this. Strangely, my dd's never had an issue...:001_huh:
  3. Amanda Bennett has several month long unit studies that cover all ages and 1 week long unit studies for 1st-4th graders. We love them! www.unitstudy.com
  4. :iagree: I loved the book so much that I bought the updated one. Now I have one to lend out and one for myself.
  5. I lost both of my brothers exactly one year apart. My oldest (the first to die) did visit me after his death to reassure me that everything would be okay and not to cry anymore. Hard to do for a girl of 18. As my sons grow older I see a lot of mannerisms that are spot on the same as this brother.
  6. No problem as long as you return the favor! ;)
  7. Where is the "crying my eyes out while smiling" smilie? I think that reading what classical education "should" look like, coupled with my own feelings of just bobbing here and there really put me in a crazy frame of mind. I often refer to is as my homeschool schizophrenia; the desire to be structured and orderly vs. learning what delights my children.:willy_nilly: Does anyone else suffer from this? :001_smile: I may actually get some sleep tonight. Thank you ladies. :grouphug:
  8. Please, please, please tell me that you meant what you wrote! (what I highlighted above) I have spent the past few weeks beating myself up for not wanting to stop FIAR. I have also spent HOURS trying to figure out what to do next year with my 4th and 1st grader and where to fit them into the "rotation", etc...and feeling like a substandard homeschooler (especially after I read so many posts like "FIAR is great for K, but not really after that") So if you really meant 5th, I will be so happy.:hurray:
  9. I have used SP with both natural spellers and one struggling reader. So far it fits the bill for us. For my naturals, it's a 10 minute exercise and it's done. For my struggling reader, it's a great review of phonics, takes about 15 minutes, and then we move on. The best part is that SP doesn't frustrate my children. For a short time we tried SWO and then Sequential Spelling and both were frustrating. SP is the one thing I don't have to worry about what to use. If only everything else was so cemented! :lol:
  10. My dd will be going into 8th grade next year. She can write small reports fairly well and speaks with good grammar. I haven't done a formal program of writing or grammar with her. After a small panic attack (the reality of the closeness of high school looming), I'm wanting to choose something I can use for the remainder of her schooling. Any suggestions? TIA!
  11. Couldn't help but chime in here. I am another enthusiastic lover of FIAR!! I've used it from the beginning and have no plans to stop any time soon. I would encourage you to get all the volumes if you're able and collect the books over time. I own almost all of them and when I find the OOP ones at the library I check them out any way so that the library won't sell them in their sale they have every year. I want them to be available for other FIAR's to come. ;) You will not be disappointed in choosing FIAR!:D
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