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  1. Unfortunately for me, many of my yucks were things other people love. AAS Singapore- I REALLY wanted this to be great Saxon Math- even though we used it twice LoF- kids did not like those stories Writing Strands GwG ETC workbooks- online actually went much better for us...
  2. We have been using Ambleside for about 5 years now, but I turned a couple of years ago to the Charlotte Mason Help site and began using many of Linda Fays lists, as well as her history rotation and liked it MUCH better. My daughter had some struggles since I basically dropped her into it and did not start with it when she was young. I had to drop back a couple of grade levels and narrations were like a root canal for a while. However, the several years we did AO enabled her to read anything now. She reads novel after novel on her own now, and this was a child who hated to read before that
  3. Where do I start with my kiddos? I have one Kindergartener- but she is already beginning basic addition via worksheets (she is an older K-5 and is already 6). I am actually questioning Rightstart for her a little since she likes workbooks (I don't) and is very efficient at them. I figured it would be a good background for her. I had considered Singapore for her, but that is another story I suppose. It is definitely not a given that she will thrive in the same thing as him. Out of the 3 of mine I have homeschooled so far all have used something different for almost everything! :tongue_smilie:
  4. if anyone would have suggestions on resources for looking at the history/culture of that time. Also, how hard would it be to find a map of England during that time. My DD has expressed an interest in both and looking at what was going on in the world during that time. She said she wants to make a map of England during that time so that she can picture where these places are in relation to each other. I did check the other mentioned threads and saved some books, but still am looking for a few more resources for her. Thank you for any help, Laurie
  5. Well at first glance I am wondering why Vocab from Classical Roots AND Wordly Wise. That seems like overkill to me. I would choose one or the other at this point. Honestly I take my children's vocab largely from their literature and do no lit program (roots do come in later). We have only just began to study for the SAT with my oldest. I have used CLE for LA in lower grades, is there still spelling in the upper grades in that? If so, I assume you are not doing that section since you already have spelling on board. I am assuming with so much CLE on board there is work daily and it can
  6. :iagree: with everyone else. It will be alright. If it is that miserable for you and your children then are they really absorbing that much at this point? This is NOT what homeschooling should be. It sounds like a terrible year. I remember the years having babies and they were like a haze. I had another year where the third week in school my Mom died suddenly having her gall bladder out. I don't think we did much until after Christmas I was so depressed. The year after that one DS was diagnosed with autism, then after Christmas I learned I was pregnant (somehow :confused:) with #4. Argh.
  7. I have been trying to decide which of these two to do, or maybe neither for over a month. Some days I lean more one way, some days the other. Sigh. I pour over these posts and glean things, but have yet to come to a decision. I am set to do MFW for my oldest. Thanks to AO I know she can handle the independence and reading/writing. She has already read several of the choices and they will be re-runs. That decision was the simplest. For my youngest I finally decided on FIAR. She is beyond MFW K at this point, but I do not like how MFW first moves so quickly in some of the phonics/readi
  8. What are the differences in how they teach spelling? I understand AAS uses the letter tiles and all- I have looked at it extensively. I was just trying to understand if they tackle spelling with the same approach, as I cannot get a good feel with A&P. Thank you for your comments! Laurie
  9. Every year there are some, aren't there? Teaching Textbooks- argh! Lightning lit- my DD hates the exercises in those books! For youngest DD- so far bombs were CLE LTR (DS loved), OPGTR, and Phonics Pathways- again all used and loved by the other kids- she hates. :confused:
  10. :iagree: This was frustration nation for us. Later on it might have worked, but I was not taking any chances. I think FIAR with 100 EZ and Singapore are more than enough at this age. Just my 2 cents. ~Laurie
  11. Life of Fred and Writing With Ease also. Both go very well here.
  12. :iagree: I am not big on the vocab via workbook. For my oldest it just was not effective no matter which one I chose. I tried them all and there was just NO retention. None. Nada. Now she has been turned loose on books like Pride and Prejudice, Ivanhoe, and tons of poetry in the last few years and voila- I see lots of vocabulary development and use in everyday language. I agree with the suggestion to put them reading, but perhaps you could alternate their choice with one of yours? Maybe there could be a reward for reading one you prefer? I would make choices from somewhere like AO.
  13. Take a deep breath! :grouphug: Everyone has mentioned her age, she is young. My DD is 5 1/2 and we have just barely started anything. She is also very distracted. We have been down this road with her older brother so I am not new to it. I have a well worn path. :) Honestly, I would first pray for wisdom. Pray that God will show you what is enough, when to quit, and what is too much. Also pray for discernment if something is not meshing well with her style. Next back off some. I am not in favor of homework at this age. I think that strategy would be great in a few years, but not now. P
  14. Well we just cannot drop the math and LA for my son in the summer. He seems to magically "lose" it all. Last summer we worked hard at it since he was way behind. This summer he will just continue reading, reviewing any last phonics concepts, and we will continue with Math since he is a bit behind there. After we finish the series I will probably just do review until our new school year begins in August. I find my children are sometimes not developmentally able to just zoom right into the next year's material, even though I am ready for them too. We are planning to do a lot of science
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