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  1. We have used mostly Math-U-See and most recently Saxon. I like them both and it's a long story that I don't want to type out but I will need to bring my youngest back to MUS at Pre-Algebra. My question is how far does he need to go into Saxon before that switch back? He will be doing Saxon 6/5 this year. I assume I can put him into MUS Pre-Algeba after he finishes Saxon 7/6, but I wanted to get other opinions. I'm hoping someone out there is familiar with both programs. I will be comparing the scope and sequence of both programs too.
  2. You can buy this program without the cds for a much cheaper price. Do you think it would work just as good to do that? The price is the only thing standing in my way. I'm not looking for an independent program. I assume since they sell it that way the writer believes it wouldn't hurt the program effectiveness.
  3. This is tough to answer because I have tried to switch mine out of MUS after Delta too and it's practically impossible with the different scope and sequence of MUS. Because of the facts that fractions haven't been touched yet, you will need to work on fractions (maybe the first Key to Fraction book or Math Mammoth fractions in the light blue series). If you don't do that he may place in the second or third grade level of any other program, but of course would only need to cover portions of it. Maybe Horizons would work better for him? I don't really have any recommendations because I was unable to place mine into a program after Delta. Switching after Epsilon would be a better idea, but I do think your boys need to be doing different programs. Best of luck!
  4. Here is a link to the reviews that I found. Some used the program in the past and some are new to MUS. http://www.linkytools.com/wordpress_list.aspx?id=184039&type=thumbnail&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
  5. I found some review that someone compared the differences because she had a copy of the new and old. I didn't save the link, but I got there through MUS on facebook. From the reviews I read I don't think there are many changes. Just some added instruction in the TM and extra enrichment worksheet (word problems). I'm happily going back to MUS because of the changes. :hurray:
  6. I had considered doing this too since I have the blue series. MM makes my head spin, but I could withstand it for a few weeks. Ds doesn't mind it. We are using (almost complete) Multiplication 1 right now. This would be the cheaper option for me since MM is already on hand.
  7. I'm considering Primary Math from Singapore for next year with my youngest. He is a rising fourth grader. We are currently working on multiplication and will finish this week. We will not get into division. He is good at mental math and has basic math facts down, except we are still working on multiplication and haven't touched division. Looking at everything online I'm thinking about placing him in 3A. About half (maybe more) will be review. 3B looks to getting into some new stuff. It's the division that is throwing me off since it looks like that is taught in level 2. I looked at the placement test for 2a and it's too easy and 2b was ok, but the fractions may be more than what he has learned yet (plus the division). Should I go back to 2B or just start in 3A or 3B or ??? I really can't afford to go back too far and then move fast or skip stuff he knows. I guess I'm asking if topics are retaught or just reviewed? Another question of course is the Standards or US edition? I was going with Standard just because it said it had more review, but locally everyone has the US. Does it really matter?
  8. I want to ask you questions about it, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. The authors of the book don't seem to have a math background. Their bio just says homeschool mom and background in education. I would expect an author of a math series to have a math degree or at least a teaching degree or some sort of expanded knowledge in math. I guess I'm a little worried about this part. I have no idea if my ds will like the story approach. He does like LOF, but we just started that and it is all too easy and review at this point.
  9. from Queen's Homeschool? I'm looking for some reviews (good and bad). I'm considering this for my will be 4th grader next year.
  10. Be careful with the bribes. BTDT and has back fired for us. It really would depend on the temperament of your kid if a bribe will work. With my kids it will only work a month or two and then they forget and start asking for what the bribe was suppose to replace. Then we are back at square one with the issue! One of our issues has been ds being very vocal about wanting to go back to public school. Mine too want to be around friends all day and that is something we can't do with homeschooling. He gets plenty of social time with his friends, so lack of time isn't the issue. Good luck!
  11. Mine studied two words a day. I guess it would depend on the kid and how much they could handle memorizing at once.
  12. I need some type of supplement or another program to go along with level D. It's a long story as to why, but to make it short: RightStart is the best program we have used, kids are doing great, mom hates teaching it, looking for something to replace a lesson or two during the week to keep my sanity, but continue using this program that is going well for my kids. :svengo: Perhaps Life of Fred, but no idea which book. Any other ideas?
  13. I had to go searching through this post to find my original post as I didn't remember posting it. I may have posted more than once since this post has been around for years. But, it is funny that we are back at using RightStart and this time it is a good fit. :rofl:
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