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  1. Again, thank you all so much. My list of rich, wonderful books to read with our unit is growing by leaps and bounds!
  2. My husband is a programmer and recommends starting with Scratch. Python is great for after Scratch, if you are looking for something more high school oriented.
  3. Thanks! I own Pagoo (and just put it in my stack for our unit!) and I'll put the other on my list!
  4. No. The decision to be homeschooled is a parental one completely in our home. I would kindly but firmly tell them it wasn't going to happen. I would, however, seek to work with their interests, career asperations etc... to make sure that their schooling reflected their future plans and current interests.
  5. I have a K4 student, Gr. 2, Gr. 4, Gr. Gr. 6, Gr. 8 and Gr. 10. And a baby who will keep me hopping :)
  6. I am wondering if anyone has any favourite living book suggestions (fiction or non) related to fish/whales/swimming creatures (salt or freshwater). I am looking to supplement our studies year! Suggestion for any age range is fine as I will have K4-Gr. 8 doing this study next year. Thanks :001_smile:
  7. We're very ecclectic homeschoolers and don't really follow a lot of "set" curriculum. What we've continued using the whole time: copywork notebooking and lapbooks lots of living books for history (I do a lot of it a la WTM, including using Story of the World) MUS Explode the Code Wordly Wise 3000 FLL HWOT
  8. The Learning House carries it and they are a very reliable place to order from. edited to say that I see now that they are having trouble with the distributer. They may be worth phoning about it, though.
  9. Ontario has some of the best homeschooling laws I've seen across Canada and the United States. At this point, given the current direction of education in Ontario, I think it is only because it has somehow slipped our premier's notice.
  10. You've gotten some good information here. My husband is a video game programmer and if you have any other specific questions, please let me know and I can pass them on to him.
  11. Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone! I'm checking them out!!
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