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  1. T'smom We talked about respecting each other's differences and trying to be a good example for the others while we're all together, but the two sister-in-laws with the older girls didn't agree. :(
  2. Thanks! I agree with what you posted. It just harder since they're family and we've had to deal with this one cousin without any support.
  3. There were children as young as seven in the room and I feel it was played to get rid of the younger ones that weren't supposed to watch it. Maybe we over reacted, but there's a long history of bullying the younger ones from the older cousin, without any consequences. So it wasn't as much about the video as the attitude behind it.
  4. A video was shared from a 13 year old girl cousin with girl cousins ranging from ages 14 to 7. My two daughters, who were part of the group, refused to watch it and one of them came and told me. My husband was pretty upset and confronted the cousin who was watching it. Come to find out his sister, the girl's mother. had given the okay for her to download this video and show it to her cousin. We are now be labeled as judgmental and sheltering our children! This is NOT the first time something like this has happened. Their solution is that the younger ones can leave the room and also the children need to learn how to get along without parental supervision and if someone tattles they will get in trouble along with the trouble maker Appreciate any input. Ellen
  5. I just wanted to share this chart with everyone. After spending a lot of time searching, I finally found it! Yay! file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/User/My%20Documents/Downloads/SM_Miquon.htm
  6. Does anyone have any recommendations for a great computer programming book with word processing and Excel? He did complete Virtual World Design and Creation. So something a little bit more advanced. It did not include word or excel. Thanks!
  7. We love xtramath, too! My 3rd grade dd just finished up using Saxon math, which I have used with our older two, and they do great with it. Not my daughter, she couldn't seem to remember concepts taught from one day to the next. :glare: So we are using Singapore 3, Miquon and XtraMath for the summer. I have high hopes that this will be the solution for her! I want to eventually try to put her back in Saxon when she's in 7th grade. You just don't know until you try! Hopefully this was helpful!
  8. Does anyone have schedule for combining these two? My daughter will be working on these this summer and I was hoping to find a schedule someone has already made. Thanks!
  9. We are using Mark Kistler's Draw Squad this year and my children are enjoying it. It is more of a cartoonish drawing book, than "real" drawings, but they have learned a lot. It covers foreshortening, shading, surface, size, contour lines, overlapping, density, and shadows. We have used Drawing with Children in the past, which teaches more real drawings, but it was a lot more teacher intensive. This is a lot more fun!
  10. This site has some free notebook covers! HTH http://barefootmeandering.com/
  11. We like it! I've tried other programs and Saxon just works for us. I've got one in 7/6, 5/4 and 3rd grade. I read a lot of complaints about all the drill work in K-3rd, but I just choose which ones to do. We don't do every drill every day. I like the mixture of new problems and review problems. The books are easy for the older kids to read and understand on their own. HTH
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