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  1. Good morning!

    Workout is done...did some YouTube videos for arm workout, did not come close to making it halfway through ab workout.  I was getting ready to go for a walk but thunder, lightning, etc.  I think I'll wait!

    • groceries
    • collab with friend on rubrics for upcoming year
    • depending on weather, go out and explore or stay in and read new book
    • dinner is steak, salad



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  2. Good morning!  Amy, that's great news about your dad!  

    Dh and I are all settled in, looking forward to some downtime.  We may play some golf later today.  Our only to do is pick up some groceries for dinners.  I may go check out the local library, see if I can check out some books.  I brought a stack with me but still love to see what's out.   


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  3. Good morning!

    Amy, so sorry about your dad.  Praying for a mild case...

    Dh and l are on the road.  My mom insisted we go somewhere, feels she's being well taken care of.  Her care team told us the same thing.  We guiltily accepted.  I have roughly four weeks before meetings,  etc. start for the new year.  

    Not much on the to do list except drive today, stop for late lunch/early dinner before we reach our stop for the night.

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    Good morning!  I didn't realize it was Friday...  I haven't slept much in the past few days.  We are still waiting on a call regarding mom, estimated time she'll be at her current placement.  She was very tired when we visited yesterday.

    ScoutTn, enjoy your getaway!

    To do today:

    • coffee, breakfast shake
    • weights
    • go through bookshelf, pick my next few reads
    • find a small spill proof cup w/straw for mom's water...needs to be small and manageable, drop it off
    • finish laundry room cleaning
    • read, relax
    • pizza and salad for dinner
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  5. Good morning!

    I started off in the laundry room this morning, now a full scale organization project! Sigh...

    To do:

    • coffee, breakfast shake
    • weights
    • finish laundry room organization, cleaning
    • Costco (didn't make it there yesterday)
    • start reading book with dd, work on discussion-type questions
    • check in with mom's doctor, email paperwork
    • work on learning rubrics for 1st quarter
    • grilling steaks for dinner, salad
    • read, relax, work on journal page
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  6. Well, I was definitely in a purging state of mind.  We dropped off a lot of stuff at Goodwill!  I was going to donate all of our used curriculum to library, but now second-guessing whether or not to post it on the curriculum board. Sometimes it's easier to be done with it but some extra cash would be nice.  I just remember being thankful at finding some treasures at the library bookstore that were mentioned in the Well Trained Mind. 

    I'm off to visit my mom, make sure transfer goes smoothly.  

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  7. 4 hours ago, mom31257 said:

    @readinmom, I record them in a Zoom meeting by myself. By doing Zoom I can share my screen or the whiteboard easily. I use my laptop and do it in our bathroom at the vanity seat. I have great light in there, and the sound does well. I record it to my computer instead of the cloud. Then I upload to YouTube as unlisted. The only people who can view it are the people that I give the link. I place that link on a Google doc that has a link to homework pages as well. Would you like me to send you a link to one of them?

     Yes, please!  I would appreciate that.  I wondered about posting link to YouTube, good to know only certain people would have access.


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  8. Good morning!  

    Math Teacher, Congrats!  What a great feeling...  SKL, I hope you feel better soon.  Amy, curious about what you use to record your video lessons? 

    We are waiting on word about mom...they are going to transfer her to a skilled nursing facility to monitor IV antibiotics for an extended time.  Apparently this bacterial infection is quite involved considering her age, etc. She has to be monitored 24/7 in case of reactions.  She is able to go back to the same place she was at after her surgery in November, so the staff knows her, has already called us to discuss her care.

    Done so far:

    coffee, breakfast shake, kitchen clean up

    To do:

    mail boxes off to siblings, make more space in garage


    Costco for basics

    workout, weights

    work on reading journal, finish last bit of current book

    waiting on visiting information for mom so we can take clothes, snacks, etc.

    not sure about dinner, probably grill something, salad

    Have a great day!



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  9. Morning all! I was up with mom several times last night, tired this morning.   Except for laundry, house is clean!   I just need to start organizing some drawers, cupboards.  

    To do today:

    coffee, breakfast shake

    finish reading book

    We may/may not go out to lunch, depending on how things are

    work on reading pile, reading journal

    watch some tv or movie

    read, relax

    Have a great day!


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  10. Good morning!    TGIF!

    Summer school is done, and I want to get the house in order before I relax a bit.  Dd wants to learn how to make bread, waiting for her to wake up.  Oldest ds got a puppy so we may go over to see our fur-grandbaby later this afternoon.

    To do:


    floors, blinds

    coffee, breakfast shake

    hospice nurse is visiting this morning for mom

    UPS to send off paperwork, packages

    lemon oil, polish dining room

    straighten pantry

    set up reading journal...it's a work in progress.  I've watched way too many YouTube videos on this, can't make up my mind.

    pizza and salad for dinner

    read, relax, watch a movie

    Have a great day!



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  11. Good morning!

    Another scorching day today...

    I went to start turkey legs in crockpot for dd's soup,  discovered that was the awful smell in the fridge.  They are not even near end sale date, and wow!   Bagged them up and put in deep freezer until trash day.  🤮

    Done:   coffee, weights, kitchen clean up, floors

    To do with the help of more coffee:

    • pick up Rxs for mom
    • Costco run
    • Target run
    • lunch out, bring back something soft and squishy for dd (wisdom teeth taken out)
    • grade assignments, send notification to students (this will be last week of summer school)
    • something light for dinner
    • laundry
    • read and relax

    Have a blessed day!


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  12. Good morning!

    It has been so hot here...no easing into summer at all.  

    To do today:

    • coffee, weights, pack lunch
    • summer school
    • laundry
    • straighten office, dust, vacuum, pay bills
    • straighten out medicine cabinet, organize
    • clean refrigerator, organize
    • clean dining room, vacuum, dust/polish
    • grilling for dinner, steak, salad
    • read, relax

    Have a great day!

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  13. Maybe not think the best of her...sorry if that offended you. 

    And previous poster is right...none of us will ever know what you are going through.  

  14. A lot of sound advice from previous posters...

    I have to put this out there.   A hint, just a hint of impropriety by your son (sil comments) can and will alter his life as he knows it.  Your job is to protect him, no matter what the cost.  You can brush off her earlier comments about your son, but it's out there.  Because she is so difficult to deal with, she now has a weapon at her disposal.  Don't think for a moment that she won't use this again.   

    Please document every interaction, time, dates, conversations/actions for the protection of your family.  I have seen some really bad outcomes of this type of situation.  You also need to let your lawyer know about this, because it will go a long way in a potential custody battle.  If, for some godforsaken reason he might win partial custody, there can be parameters put in place to have a no contact order with sil and said family member.

    It sounds awful, but you have to stop thinking the best of people in this situation.  Big Ugly Drama or not, you need to protect your son.

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    • Good morning!

    We've been somewhat productive so far...


    • visiting nurse
    • 2 loads of laundry
    • all bathrooms cleaned
    • vacuum and mopping done
    • furniture dusted

    We stopped for a break, and I made omelets.    After another cup of coffee:

    • find a carpet cleaner, small one, for dog messes
    • finish laundry
    • dinner out, belated birthday celebration me and ds1
    • read, relax

    Have a great day!

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  15. Good morning! TGIF!

    Virtual classes today, and dh is off to a golf outing.

    To do:

    • coffee
    • workout
    • virtual classes
    • laundry, mop floors
    • work on master closet, start donation box
    • salad, pizza for dinner
    • read, relax

    Have a great day!

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  16. Late posting today...


    • weights, coffee, pack lunch
    • summer school

    To do:

    • ds1 birthday call (he works late, so hope to get ahold of him)
    • need to update some paperwork
    • pay bills
    • not sure about dinner
    • read, relax
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