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  1. I have a rising 8th grader, and am starting to navigate CA high school planning. It looks like our charter will be a bit finicky about giving a-g credit for Mom classes. I am talking about classes where the rigor is clearly above what is required, but the course does not match the charter's recommended syllabus for books read or organization of units. Is there any benefit there would be to pushing the charter to give a-g credit, rather than just testing out of the requirement? (It looks like the process to get approved is pretty tedious. Apparently, even courses the College Board has approved for AP need a second pass through the UC board.) For UC admissions, is there a stigma to testing out of English with a high SAT verbal score instead of a-g courses? Also, do other colleges care about the a-g listings? I mean, outside CA is it seen as a hoop? Or does a homeschool transcript without a-g look like the child has taken an easier path? DS will have AoPS classes and probably SAT subject and AP exams to validate some but not all courses. Thanks.
  2. We are just finishing up a year of US history reads. DS really liked both great courses we did, and all but the first book. Great courses: The Great Debate: Advocates and Opponents of the American Constitution The Civil War Books: Before Columbus 1776 Alexander Hamilton (Chernow) Washington: A Life (Chernow) Undaunted Courage Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (a shorter version) I'm also hoping to fit a Lincoln biography into the year.
  3. I notice that MIT asks for just two years of history but four of English, and mentions that excellent writing skills are a priority. I wonder if something that looks like light English might be a bit of a concern, not because of missing out on literature but because of the writing piece. I'd guess that strong AP English scores would validate nontraditional English classroom time, though? Am following this with interest. My big kid is a rising 8th grader, interested in stem, and it does seem tricky to balance a well rounded hs program with going deep.
  4. I just received DS's fall report card, and our charter teacher gave DS a higher grade than his online AoPS teacher gave him. My instinct is to ask the charter to change the report card to reflect the AoPS assessment, for several reasons: The lower grade is probably a better assessment of his work. It seems a bit sketchy for the charter to be inflating grades, especially since it was done on the strength of a handful of work samples. I also don't want to set a precedent of agreeing to the charter changing grades: I could also see them lowering grades because of not understanding how AoPS deliberately assigns hard problems and wants kids to struggle. DS is in 7th grade, but is getting high school credit, so colleges will see these grades. Does anyone have been-there-done-that advice for me?
  5. I thought UC allowed validation of geometry through a higher-level course for which geometry is a prerequisite, but it looks like that is no longer the case: Geometry: The omission of a yearlong geometry course cannot be validated by advanced-level math courses (e.g., Algebra II/ Trigonometry, Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Precalculus or Calculus). However, validation applies in the following cases: • The omission of the first semester of geometry can be validated by successful completion of the second semester of geometry with a letter grade of C or better. • The omission of a yearlong integrated course with sufficient geometry content (e.g., Math II) can be validated by a higher level integrated course (e.g., Math III) with a letter grade of C or better, provided that the higher-level course shows clear evidence of geometry content. • The omission of the first semester of an integrated course with sufficient geometry content (e.g., Math II) can be validated by successful completion of the second semester of an integrated course with sufficient geometry content with a letter grade of C or better. Please note: Standardized exams (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, AP, IB, etc.) cannot validate the omission. However, we will accept a “challenge†examination, administered by the high school (e.g., the school geometry course final exam), to demonstrate proficiency to validate the course omission if the high school awards both grades and units for the successful completion of such an exam.
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