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  2. :iagree: Kilgallon! It's great for style. Word choice is a common problem with dyslexics. I am on the hunt for resources for this. However your DDs problems could be due to fatigue. I know my son has issues with fatigue when he is writing. You might want to use her work in Kilgallon to get picky about things like word choice and punctuation. If fatigue is really what is going on it will be much easier for her to work on these skills with shorter (ie. sentence length) assignments. Teaching my son to write is like teaching a cheetah in lead boots to sprint. It is so hard and yet it
  3. Choosing curricula for my dyslexic son is a balancing act. On the one hand he needs high level challenge, on the other he needs very explicit skill based practice. Sometimes I find it helpful to separate the two. For example when he writes I don't really harp on spelling errors. I try to keep that separate. Lately I have been trying to figure out how to give him practice with word retrieval. This is a big challenge for him. During his last writing assignment he was using the word "devout" and he really meant "devoted" this small difference made his sentence sound weird. The funny thing wa
  4. http://math.buffalostate.edu/~giambrtm/MAT501/Projmath/Project_Mathematics%21.html This has videos and pdfs of the chapters. And the same site some bits from "Elements of Mathematics" which my son loves. If you poke around on it there are a few cool things. http://math.buffalostate.edu/~giambrtm/MAT501/Chp1/operations.htm You have a great list so far! I'd add competition math. AMC 8 that type of thing might be fun for him. Zome Geometry and EIMACS logic for mathematics materials
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