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  1. My son just started his Freshmen year there as a math major. It seems like a really special school. The campus is drop dead gorgeous with 70 degree temperatures year round. The students get priority registration, no credit cap, can drop any class until the last minute etc. The professors email you back within minutes. Everyone there is happy and friendly. The dorm is steps from the bluffs of the pacific ocean. He starts his first actual class tomorrow.
  2. Hi Quark, I haven't posted in a million years because of juggling full time work and all this stress, but your post really resonated with me and I just wanted to chime in and offer hugs and support. This year was nuts. I am so worn out. Am I remembering right that your child is the mathy one? My son's ECs were fairly minimal but the UCs apparently know about things like Mathcamp and he did really well with UC acceptances (he got in to every one that he applied to). I think they are looking at quality over quantity. I was actually shocked he did so much better with UCs than private sch
  3. I actually worked for CAVA teaching math. You are absolutely correct. The problem here is not the curriculum (which is horrible for sure) but that over half of the students do not do work every day. They let kids stay in the program who do the bare minimum... 1 minute of school a day! This is a way that the school can collect ADA money for attendance. I had a student put in my Homeroom one year who had not passed any classes for two years (including homeroom). Then the teachers spend 75 percent of their time chasing down kids who are not doing any work whatsoever. It was very frustra
  4. Interestingly enough 2e child # 1 had all sorts of visual problems but 2e child # 2 seems to be a completely (well not exactly completely) different animal. She seems to be more of a typical visual spacial child with auditory processing problems that make her seem like she has attention issues (I don't believe she does). Anyone know what you can do to help a dyslexic child with auditory processing issues. I am totally having to switch gears here since my #1 had almost a perfect auditory memory so I could just throw a ton of teaching company lectures at him and he was good to go. I'd like
  5. Turns out you were absolutely right. It was an aural reading test. Still waiting to see the report in writing. Sounds like its going to be interesting. She is very much like her brother but tends towards auditory processing problems where his were more visual processing. Love those creative 2e dyslexics they keep you on the ball.
  6. I'll have to get the specifics. I haven't had the official meeting She is 10. That could be it. She reads ok loud but here's the weird thing when she reads silently to herself and we talk about books she really seems to know what she is doing. I am wondering if she was overthinking the questions. I'll have to get all the specifics and come back when i know more.
  7. I just had my daughter evaluated and I am a little stumped with the results. Can anyone here help me figure out what is going on? In short she has been through 10 levels of Barton and has a VIQ of 140. She reads well and from what I can tell understands what she is reading even with fairly complicated texts (high school level). Her reading comprehension tested at the 2nd grade level. So I am a little perplexed at what is going on. Is this maybe an attention issue? Should I request any more tests? The ed psych confirms that this is dyslexia like my oldest, but I am having trouble s

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  9. My son is going to his third summer at Math Camp. He is totally phobic of competitions (in general). Like Kathy says all the competitions are optional and if you do elect to participate they have different designations (can't remember the exact names...hard core and mellow....something like that). I believe last year my son actually participated in one of the competitive games, very unlike him but indicative of how easy going and flexible the camp is. The emphasis is on real math and lots of awesome math geek fun. Math Camp Rules! I cannot sing it's praises enough.
  10. Thanks so much Kathy. You are the best. I do not know what I would do without you. :001_smile:
  11. Are there any options this late in the game? What would be my best bet?
  12. https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/takingtheexam/registering-for-exams You email them in January and they put you in touch with a local AP coordinator. They you contact them to see if they offer the test you need. I would ask even if they don't offer it. Why not? Worse case they can't do it and you have to find another location. They school my son tested at was very friendly and accommmodating.
  13. With thousands of little stay at home mommy school girl crushes. We could make trading cards or something. Or maybe dolls. Like the Charlies angles dolls. Instead of the hideaway house we could have maybe a math competition. Maybe I need to get out more....
  14. I am not online much (summer) but I just had a chance to watch lesson 5. Glad to see this course is getting better.
  15. My son really enjoyed the EPGY number theory class. They used the Stark book but they also have lectures and an interactive computer thing (really old) that walks you through the material. It was good. I don't know how this would correlate with competition math. http://epgy.stanford.edu/courses/math/M152/
  16. http://math.buffalostate.edu/~giambrtm/MAT501/Book%200-Chapter%202%20%20(Integers)/pg%201-85.pdf Oops, here's Chapter 2...
  17. Oh by the way if you want to see the first chapter it's here online. http://math.buffalostate.edu/~giambrtm/MAT501/Chp1/Book0CHp1pg1-57.pdf And Chapter 2 as well. http://math.buffalostate.edu/~giambrtm/MAT501/Chp1/Book0CHp1pg1-57.pdf
  18. Yes. When I tried the free trial of the online program they had a few bugs. You might try it on a different operating system (no pun intended). I know. It is very expensive. Glad to hear people are using it. Yes, the solutions. I wonder if I will hit a wall with not having a solution manual. I did with my son but I made the critical error of letting him read on his own, thinking that I could just glance in and check his work. I was able to do this through book 1 and then not so much. I just gave up. Still in spite of my lack of teaching he got quite a bit out of the books. I plan to stay
  19. I have been really getting into the "Elements of Mathematics" curriculum lately. When my son was little, my daughter was an infant and I had limited time. I just let him read through the books and do the exercises on his own. He seemed to be getting quite a bit out of it and it was really just a supplement for the other math that I am doing. Now I am on my second child and I have more of a handle on the homeschooling twice exceptional dyslexic student thing so I am less overwhelmed. I have had more time to sit with my daughter and work through the books. I find this curriculum to be completely
  20. In NY there are two different tracks Regents tracked students get a Regents diploma which is required for 4 year University (I think CC students don't need Regents classes). The tests are not really that difficult but certainly more challenging and more well thought out than tests I have observed in other states. Every year my kids and I have a little laugh at the problems with the California STAR tests, there is no comparison.
  21. I haven't seen the Pre A book yet (I am getting it for my daughter though) but it sounds like he is ready for Algebra.
  22. I think it's great to have teachers with a math background. I am just surprised that the teachers actually have it. Surprised in a good way.
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