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  1. When I used K12, I definitely adjusted the curriculum to fit my children's learning styles. I learned that it was OK to mark a lesson complete even if I didn't do everything they said to do. Sometimes just going over the lesson orally was all that was needed. I also did not do every art and science project - our days would have been too long! That's the trick with K12 and not getting overwhelmed with it. There's a lot of "meat" in their curriculum! (For my son who was very good in math, I basically just quickly went over the lesson and then gave him his assessment)
  2. :001_smile: Nevermind! I just saw at the end of your post that she is on level 4 for both programs.
  3. I feel the same way. I had contacted Susan Barton and asked her what I should be doing, and she said to only use the Barton system as the language arts component. Working through level 3, it seems like a great spelling system, but there has not been any grammar or extensive writing. Maybe it gets more in depth in level 4 (which I just received today), but if not, I think I need to supplement. What level of FLL and WWE are you on? I've been trying to figure out what would be a good level for her.
  4. No, I'm not. How would I go about joining that group?
  5. My dyslexic daughter is entering the 5th grade. She is just finishing up Barton level 3 and going into level 4. Fortunately her dyslexia is pretty mild and she is doing great on Barton (she almost spells better than the rest of the family now!). I'm trying to figure out what other language arts curriculum to give her this year. Would it be too much to give her grammar and writing (FLL and WWE)? I was also thinking of adding a Vocabulary unit (maybe Vocabulary from Classical Roots). Any suggestions?
  6. I like that schedule. I want to do Vocab 3x per week and spread a lesson over 2 weeks, so that is perfect.
  7. I agree. Many friends of mine are moving from private homeschool organizations to public charter homeschools this year. Economically it makes sense and in the school I am in this year, they give us funds to purchase our own curriculum (the only stipulation being that it cannot be religious based).
  8. Thank you for the suggestions. I will be using Vocabulary from Classical Roots with my son this year and I will make the flash cards with the roots for him to use. I think that will help.
  9. I was just going to suggest this too. My daughter did Times Tables the Fun Way. She really likes it (she has the DVD and likes to listen to the songs on the computer)
  10. Help! I'm trying to figure out writing curriculum for my 5th and 7th graders. Both of them don't like to write (the 5th grader is dyslexic and the 7th grader is more math oriented). I'm trying to find a nice simple writing program that will teach them how to write clearly. I'm looking at Writing With Ease and Writing Strands. What levels are appropriate to start for those grade levels (for the 5th grader I was thinking level 3, and for the 7th grader level 4).
  11. If you like K12 and are moving to a state with a Virtual Academy, then K12 is free (I don't know if Rhode Island has a virtual academy). I just finished using CAVA - California Virtual Academy - for the past two years and the education it offered was great!
  12. I just finished 2 years with CAVA (California). I was very impressed with their curriculum - it is very thorough. I switched to another public charter school this year for a few reasons. The first is that my daughter (entering 5th grade) is dyslexic, and if you attend CAVA you must use K12 curriculum - there is no special curriculum I can use for her dyslexia (This summer I purchased the Barton Reading system - the new school I am going to will let me use this for her curriculum). The second reason is my son was in 6th grade last year and starting in 6th grade K12 gets very heavy on writing. It seems like every assignment is to write about what you learned. My son is good at math and wants to be an engineer. He absolutely hated all the writing. I tried to cut down on the amount of writing, but it was still too much for him. I also didn't like how they taught writing composition - I think that's one area that K12 can improve in. Overall I was very pleased with CAVA and if my current school doesn't work out, I will probably go back.
  13. My dyslexic daughter is entering 5th grade and will be starting Teaching Textbooks this year. I like the look of it - I think it will keep her interest (as opposed to just sitting and working from a textbook). She is doing well in math, but is still unable to learn her multiplication tables. If she has a multiplication chart in front of her, she can work at grade level easily.
  14. I'm going to be using TT5 for my dyslexic daughter who is going into 5th grade. She passed the placement test just fine. I hear people say that TT is too easy, but that should be good for her so that she won't feel overwhelmed. I'm also going to try TT for my 7th grade son who is advanced in math and going into Algebra. I hope it's not too easy for him! He's started getting bored with math, and I was thinking he would enjoy this. I played the demo for him on the website and he seemed to enjoy their format.
  15. Yes thats a fair amount, including tip. Would usually pay about $20 min.
  16. One more thing, it is interesting to note that my dyslexic 10-year-old daughter scored almost 100% on her TT5 placement exam. I think because she realizes that she mixes up numbers, she is more careful and doesn't make the careless errors that my son does.
  17. I am encouraged by reading all these posts. My son, too, is entering 7th grade. He has always excelled in math, yet the problems he gets wrong on tests are almost always silly computational errors (sometimes he gets the problem right but then writes the wrong answer on the answer sheet!). I was getting worried about it, but after reading everyone else's experiences, I now realize that this is normal for this age.
  18. Thank you for the post. I totally see this in my daughter (going into 5th grade). The most I can get her to read in one sitting is 4 pages at a time and then she fatigues. I've had her evaluated in the public school system and told the evaluator this, but they refused to acknowledge that there was anything wrong. Also, on tests she will do very well one day and the next day will fail one. It had always confused me that she could have good memory recall one day and bad recall the next. This helped clarify that! I am using the Barton system for her reading, which is helping greatly with her reading accuracy, but I am still trying to figure out how to help her with the fatigue.
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