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  1. Next year will be my first year officially homeschooling both my children ds8 who will be doing bigger hearts and dd4 who will be in little hearts and I'm having a really tough time coming up with a schedule. I feel like I'll have to spend so much one on one time with ds because he has learning disablilites and needs almost everything presented one on one. What kinds of things should my daughter be doing while I'm working with my son? How do you guys plan your days with more than one child? I just don't want my dd to be bored or to get lost in the shuffle.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I was actually wondering if it would be worth it to be a super member.:001_smile:
  3. I feel for you... My son went to Kindergarten in ps, then we pulled him out to homeschool. So, he thinks that ps is like Kindergarten and they just play all day even in 1st and 2nd grade and hs is soooooo boring because he actually has to read, write, and do real math - plus there's only his little sister to play with. His biggest complaint is there's NO RECESS! I mean he's got a point and I do feel bad and about once a week I question our decision to hs. However, I always come back to the same conclusion- we took him out of school for a reason and I still believe the best place for him to learn (at least for now) is at home. So, what to do about friends? He has karate 2 times a week and there are some kids he's friendly with there - but it's not the same as free play - it's very structured. We also go to church twice a week - but again that's very structured time, not free time. We don't live in a neighborhood where there are other kids to play with. Anyway, all this to say that I have far from solved this problem, but there are 2 steps I have taken. I have started to try to take advantage of times we are with others to make more time for my son to play with his friends. For example, my husband always spends tons of time after church hanging around in the lobby talking to people and I used to always try to hurry him out. Now, we let my son bring a football and he and a couple of boys will play outside for a while while my husband chats and I wait (somewhat) patiently for everyone to be ready to leave. Also, I've kind of unofficially made Friday after school "invite a friend over" day. Any Friday that we don't have some other committment I make it a point to invite a friend over for my son to play with. And the kids are not always the same age as him. I've found that he plays well with slightly older and slighty younger kids also, so his friends (who are mostly from church) are all ages. So, my son still wants to go back to school, but I feel better about the amount of time he's having with other kids now.
  4. I just got the hands of a child type it in lapbook for insects - it was a little pricey, but I just wanted to see if that made a difference for him. It seems pretty cool!
  5. I know this is strange, but even though we go to the library just about every week - it never occurred to me to look for art stuff there. They actually had a ton of great stuff!
  6. Wow! That littlecitykids website is great! You wouldn't even need any other curriculum1
  7. that's cool! Does anyone know if there's anything similar for mac?
  8. My son had a very bad taste in his mouth from ps. So when we first started hs'ing he never wanted to do work. I gave him a cup and I told him that each day he had the oppurtunity to earn up to 30 bingo chips each day for good behavior. Each chip was worth one minute of computer/videogame time. I would also occasionally take away chips for really bad behavior, but I tried to use it mostly for positive reinforcement. It worked like a charm for him.
  9. I used math u see for 2 years with my visual/tactile son. It's a wonderful program and it is visual, but it didn't work out for us. We had two problems... First, they only show you one approach to teaching each lesson. My son often needs things presented in several different ways before he catches on. I was spending a lot of time online trying to find new ways to present things. Also my son has dyscalcula and memorizing facts is really hard for him. Unfortunately, each level of math u see focuses solely on mastering one set of facts after another. For example their alpha book is just learning addition and subtraction facts. No measuring, fractions, graphing... Nothing. I understand the concept that mastering the facts comes first and enables them to solve other types of problems more easily later, but my son felt like such a failure because it only focused on the things he was bad at and didn't include any math topics he's good at. We are now using math on the level and it's wonderful. It gives you several different ways to teach each concept, uses real life experiences as often as possible and gives you flexibilty to teach things as your child is ready to learn them. Also, they have a great yahoo group where you can ask question or get ideas from other moms and from the woman who wrote the curriculum. Anyway, sorry if this sounds like an advertisment, but it has changed the way my son feels about math and his confidence has improved so much... I'm a huge fan.
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