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  1. I am on Week Three of home schooling and am wondering if the tantrums over having to do lessons will ever stop. We wre doing so well today, but then my oldest son flipped out when I asked him to write something. Pencils were flying, tears were streaming down his face.... Sigh. I will keep trying to find ways to motivate the kids, but I guess I want to know if there is an end to this or at least a reduction as time goes on. Thanks!
  2. Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your ideas. Today has been wonderful... my son was actually asking to begin math! I have talked to him about how we can make the day go more smoothly and he seems to have decided to try to help out. He has always had trouble with transitions, so maybe time will help some. I also decided to cut out certain subjects if the day isn't going well.... to back off on my expectations. That is hard for me to do, but as a poster said, we have years ahead of us to learn! I haven't tried it yet, but I also thought to give him a small reward for getting out his books, pencils, and be seated for each subject. When he does start he usually likes the work and completes it. Thanks again! This forum has been a huge blessing to me and my boys! Julie
  3. We are on Day 8 of homeschooling and I ned some advice about how to respond to my oldest son. He is 8 and went to school for the last four years. He is very bright and loves to read. However, we are constantly fighting with each other. I have a list of curriculum I want him to do. Today was: an exercise in SM, Writing with Ease lesson, read MCT with mom, write out 10 spelling words 2 times each, do a page in French and make a poster for etre, and then create a fact page for our Science lesson on Monday. Not much... but man does he fight it! He begs to play lego, or just walks away to go bug his three younger siblings. And when he finally gets down to working, he does it and then runs off while I try to get him to start the new subject. His six year old brother has similar work and gets most of it done by 9:30am. Okay, so what do I do? Do I back off and deschool for a bit? Or do I set aside a clear schedule (difficult with three younger kids around)? I can't say that he needs to get it done by the end of the day, as I have three others to take for walks or take care of and I am not free to be around to answer all his questions.. Please, please help me! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the help! I think the Bible Study Guide for all Ages might work. What do you order? I am assuming you need the kids pages and the teacher's guide... Do I need the timeline, the CD, anything else?? Thanks again.
  5. We have just finished our first week of Homeschooling.. and I think it went well. However, as we were driving in the car to a playdate, my ds6 commented that they used to go to a Christian school but our homeschool is like a public school because we don't learn about God. GULP went mom!!!!:blushing: I've been reading a devotional and we do talk about God, but at their former school they had a very extensive and wonderful Bible curriculum. So I think I need to find a curriculum for us at home. The boys are signed up for Awana, so I am not looking for Bible memorization. Does anyone have a suggestion for a Bible story based curriculum for ages 3-8 with some written activities for the older ones? Thanks! Julie
  6. We have had a good start, I think! Very random day, though! My husband is a teacher and is home to help with the little ones. I also had to work for an hour and a half this morning (I tutor kids with dyslexia). But the boys are almost done their work, and had fun with what I planned. I will have to re-evaluate at my ds6 spelling program, but we will stick with it for a couple weeks! We still hope to get to Science for both, Math for my 6 year old, and maybe French! I was afraid I wouldn't be flexible enough, but I am so far. I am excited to have the whole day to fill with learning and fun for my kids. I can see us leaving the curriculum behind some days and learning what we want to learn! And Julie, I live in Oakville, Ontario. And the funny thing is my name is Julie Smith too:)! Thanks everyone for your encouraging words... it helps so much!
  7. I have been lurker this forum for many months now, gaining so much wonderful information! I thought it was time to introduce myself. I have four children (8, 6, 3, and 1). My husband and I have always talked about homeschooling, and decided that this was the year. And we start this morning! I am nervous and excited, and am praying all will go well. I have a feeling my expectations are too high, but am hoping I will be able to be flexible and enjoy the time with my kids. Any advice on surviving and succeeding during the first few weeks would be wonderful! Julie
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