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  1. Two and a half years ago we expanded our family from four kids to six kids by adopting my cousin's two little kids. They were three and five when they came. Roght from the start, we noticed that our time was being taken up so much by the little ones. Especially at the beginning, there was so many transitions and work to be put into those transitions. Going to church became a big ordeal, and visiting others and having visitors had to be stopped while we attached. Things that we just did routinely became very difficult and sometimes filled with conflict. There were a lot of open discussion about how things were changing and how the older kids were feeling about it. It was especially difficult for our youngest biological daughter. We really made it a priority to set aside time for the bigger ones. My husband would take the bigger ones out for breakfast on Saturday morning or be sure to drive them to their activities and use the time in the car to connect with them. It was also a big strain on our marriage. We had a very strong marriage. But expanding our family with two little ones, and their so many needs, was a very difficult and trying. Make sure that you communicate a lot and take time for just you and your husband. It also means a lot more of school meetings, doctor's appointments, lunch making, laundry, buying clothes, and all the stuff that comes with adding kids. It has made me very very busy! For us, the change was permanent. That meant dreams were changed, the future is changed. New dreams had to develop, and a new future had to be envisioned I will pray for you and for the new little ones in your house. We are 2 and 1/2 years in, and it's so much easier now. Julie
  2. My third son has been a very challenging child. This year was even worse. I was thinking about putting him in school, but was not at all convinced he would do better there. My wise husband told me to unschool him -- and it has been wonderful. I can focus on my other two while he plays or reads or does some workbook pages of his own choosing or creates his own games or draws or whatever! He is happier, and I can survive a day! He still does co-op once a week at our house and has to listen to read alouds and do his AWANA work. I do hope this won't last for too long and he will want to start back on the curriculum I have picked out for him. But right now, unschooling is working for our family. Julie
  3. "We don't have money for that." And if asked further by the kids, I talk about where our money does go to and how those things are priorities.
  4. I have had four unmedicated deliveries (and one had one of those huge heads -- 38cm). I made it through my fourth delivery by telling myself and anyone in the room that this was the last time I would ever do this. During each contraction, I would remind myself that I was counting down to never, ever having to feel another contraction again. And then, the baby arrived and I was beyond happy! All the best!
  5. We rented bikes and biked around the Sea Wall -- so fun and not too expensive! Grenville Island is great too. Have fun!
  6. Getting married -- seriously! Have someone sleeping beside me every night has helped immensely as most of my anxiety happened at night. Visualization of peaceful situations to relax myself Trying to keep stress down
  7. My son started night terrors before 18months (I don't remember exactly when). Absolutely awful. He would scream for an hour or more once or twice a night. They finally lessened by 3.5 years old and now, at 9, he has them rarely and not nearly as long. Professionals told us it was okay to leave him alone, as trying to soothe him did not help at all. It was very hard on my marriage. I don't have any answers -- sorry.
  8. I think you are right about this... we live in a very affluent area. Julie
  9. Yes. Kids have to be 10 years old, but can have their siblings help out too. It is our local paper so it is delivered twice a week in the afternoon. Our paper is having trouble finding kids to do the job, so they do contract out to adults too. We love it as a first job! And the Christmas tips are fun :)
  10. My boys deliver our local paper two days per week. They started at age 10 and have earned a bit of money and learned lots of lessons on perserverance, commitment and pride in their work.
  11. I was given only three days of prednisone after over a month of daily, debilitating migraines. My neurologist had tried everything. It was to reset everything. I ended up getting pregnant and that stopped the migraines :) I hope you can break the cycle. Julie
  12. My kids have taken it off and on over the years. It has been effective for two of them, and doesn't work at all with one of them. My son's doctor recommended it to help with my third son's sleeping disorder. My kids will ask for it if they are especially tired and can't calm down to go to sleep. The vast majority of nights they just fall asleep on their own, though.
  13. Sorry -- I just saw this! We mainly read the text for MOH3 and did a narration card for each lesson (maybe 5-8 sentences). We did some of the mapping, most quizzes/tests, and an extra activity about once a week. I plan to do the same for MOH4 although I hope to have him use the topics for some of his writing for WWS 3. He will be attending a Christian high school which means he will do Geography in gr. 9, Canadian History in Grade 10, and then I think either World History or US History or Physical Geography after that. We have completed SOTW already so I feel like he has a very good knowledge base in history.
  14. Explode the Code Rod and Staff Spelling WWE 1-3 SOTW especially now that I am on our second time through with the younger kids Apologia General Science with Lab KIt -- already done for the year!!!! I still haven't found an elementary level science curriculum that gets done.
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