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  1. I've got a picky cat who will throw up or not eat if the food is not to her liking. I've learnt what types of textures of wet food she likes and stick with that, for her it's shredded meat in gravy or stock. She refuses pate textures or reconsituted chunk types and hates fish. There are also some of the shredded type that will make her throw up and I've narrowed it down to the starches that are added to thicken the gravy/stock. She does better if the flavours of food are constantly changing. If I feed her the same thing in a row more than twice then she'll generally refuse to eat it again for a few weeks. If you can find a simple complete cat food that's shredded chicken or shredded chicken and other things in a stock they seem to down well for all the cats we've had. Just make sure to buy a complete wet food not a supplementary/complementary one.



  2. I have had several female relatives live to late nineties and early hundreds. Some were in better health and more mentally with it than others. One of my great aunts was very active and died at about 98 but her sister lived to 104 (I think) but she was less well and had quite confused in her last few years.


    In decent health I wouldn't mind living a long life but with significant health issues I'd rather not put myself or family through it.

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  3. Twice I distinctly remember. Once when I was 18 and once about 6 years ago. The most recent one was relatively mild for all of us.


    My mum seems to have some kind of resistance to getting flu and rarely catches anything else. She was at boarding school during the 1957 pandemic and was just about the only person to not get sick and I don't remember her ever getting it during my life. She worked in a school for 25 years and rarely got sick with anything.

  4. If you are really struggling you might find it easier to use something like Squarespace rather than wordpress. I disagree with your husband on the wordpress plugins front. They definitely need keeping up to date but it's manageable for most wordpress users. You need to choose reputable plugins and sometimes have to sort out the odd issue/conflict but it's not super hard. If you don't use plugins and you are just using a theme as is you are going to miss out on so much. There are tons of great themes but it'll always require work on your part to make them look good.

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  5. When I was at university I lived with a girl who was raised in a Spanish speaking family and community until the age of 4 or 5 but then her mum remarried and she moved to somewhere that only spoke English and they spoke english at home. Over the years she lost her ability to speak Spanish fluently or even conversationally but when I knew her she was realising that when she'd had a few to drink a lot of her Spanish would come back to her.

  6. There are good apps. The Monash one and an NHS food maestro one that might not be as useful outside the UK. I followed the elimination diet for a month in the summer. It's not the healthiest and I was struggling by the end but it's worth doing. There are tons of videos on YouTube about it too.

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  7. We've got one of the fake trees that looks real. I used to buy real trees but they suddenly got so expensive and I found the fake one in a good sale. It does look really real unless you investigate closely. I also have fake candles for the tree, they're not perfect but they look pretty nice. I like a well coordinated tree, I always try and make things each year and the last few years I've been collecting some nice new ornaments as our old stuff started to fall apart.

  8. That's really good to know, thanks. Cardiff is the only one that Hobbes has not visited, but he would go if he got an offer, so that's a good question to ask.


    One time I went down to see my mum in Bristol and had the hardest time finding anywhere to stay. It turned out that there was a big rugby match in Cardiff, all the accommodation there was booked up, and many fans were staying in Bristol instead and taking the train over.

    First year was fine in halls but after that it seemed like the accommodation was often really poor condition, tiny and far away. My sister moved mid year more than once. It might have improved like I know Plymouth has with more private complexes that are like halls and set up for students specifically. My sister also did a masters at Southampton but lived with a friend she already knew in a flat away from the typical uni area so I don't know much about things there.
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  9. We have two fridges and that's not uncommon. One undercounter one in the kitchen and a tall fridge in our utility room. We don't ever have jugs of drinks in the fridge. We don't refrigerate a lot of condiments. There's plenty of space for enough milk and food for a family. Just the undercounter size is normally big enough for a couple of adults, maybe a small family if you shop regularly. We used to get our milk delivered daily so never had a huge amount at any one time.

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  10. Yes. Mine were on fleece but I still became VERY VERY VERY allergic. As in, months of constant sinus infections.


    I hate that my dogs killed them, but I didn't miss being sick all the darned time.

    I'm starting to have sinus issues that linger and did wonder if it was progression of allergies from being around the piggies. The only reason I've not rehomed them is that they are on the older side and I think nature will take it's course over the next year anyway. I mostly seem be coping with symptoms with the air purifier and anti histamines.
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  11. This is an aside, but have you considered that you may be allergic to the bedding? I've heard lots of stories where allergy issues subsided after the humans switched the piggies to fleece bedding instead of hay etc. If yours aren't already on fleece, maybe that would help?

    We've always used vet bed. They've never been on anything else. From what I understand their urine causes allergies.
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  12. We have cats and guinea pigs. Haven't had a problem with cats attacking them but the pigs have always had enclosures with tops so they were protected. Our remaining cat is slightly scared of them.


    Our piggies hate each other so they're in separate enclosures now.


    We've found that over time we've all become mildly allergic to them. They make me congested and wheezy and my son very itchy. They live with an air purifier in front of them now. From looking online it's pretty common if that's an issue for you. I've never had any reaction to animals before the pigs.

  13. There's a local beach cleanup volunteer group who frequently post what they find on facebook and I'm amazed what they find sometimes. There's a lot of Lego because the beaches are near sunken cargo containers but also tons of toys generally. Loads of dolls and kids plastic bits and pieces. There's also a lot of packaging from fast food and bottles. When loom bands were the craze there were loads of them on the beach too. We have a problem down here of tourists leaving all their beach stuff at the end of the day, so used disposable bbqs, packaging and things like body boards. It's become a massive problem. Unless someone picks it up it all just washes out to sea with the next high tide. Just abandoning waste has become so normal for so many people.

  14. I prefer knitting. I did used to crochet but it caused me extreme pain in my hands. I switched to Portuguese style knitting to minimise pain at around the same time and it works. I like how diverse knitting projects can be and I prefer how it looks. I think crochet looks nice for blankets but I'm not keen on the look of crochet clothes or accessories.

  15. I found relationships improved as the youngest cats aged and mellowed. There were glimmers of bonding between our now deceased 17yr old male cat and our young female cat who is now 3. A bit of grooming and hanging out together every few months. It took a good long while though. A couple of our cats were never friends because they were too over friendly generally and our eldest cat hated the attention. They could co-exist in the same house as long as they had some areas that were just their own. I also fed them separately.

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  16. Yes I've had lots of boring jobs. Shop work, security and admin jobs when there are big gaps between things going on or lots of waiting around. I definitely discovered I like a more changeable and challenging environment to work in and the jobs I've had since nearly all had that. I think I get bored easily though.

  17. The only bedroom I notice getting stuffy is my 13yr olds. It's a tiny box room though. The rest of the rooms seem to be fine but the rest of us generally have windows open. I've also got several plants in my bedroom but I'm not sure how much that contributes to improving the air quality.

  18. My husband's family always had dachshund dogs. They were super grumpy so I was pretty happy when the last one died when my eldest was a toddler. I guess its small size made it anxious or something but it wasn't great with people other than my father in law. I think it would have been happier being the only pet in a quiet single person household. It did dig holes in the kitchen carpet too. Not sure how reflective they were of all dachshunds.

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