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  1. 14 hours ago, Liz CA said:


    I read a similar account of the situation. It is a very hairy adventure to get in and out. I wondered how the UK divers even got this far when they were just exploring.  Haven't had time to research any news today. Is anything new happening?

    They are an experienced cave rescue team so I guess they were led by instinct and procedures they follow and went as far as was physically possible for them.  They've done quite a lot of high profile rescues.

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  2. I'm another that agrees that an 8yr old 60K miles is not an old car at all. Mine's 10 yrs old and at 145K plus miles.  It's worth about £3250. I'm spending about £300 on it tomorrow and will keep it going for several more years unless something drastic happens to it. I only get rid of cars when they have actual problems like my last one that was 14 yrs old that was worth very little and suddenly developed a host of issues one after another. 

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  3. I've had much the same experience with not being listened to. I've basically stopped going to the doctor because of it.  I have years of going because of persistent joint pain.  I've pretty much figured out what's going on and it applies to my whole family but I've not yet had a doctor who looks through my history or is interested in listening to me.  I've mostly found I'm treated like I'm stupid.  There have been a couple of exceptions. All the midwives I've had contact with have been great and I had one young female doctor who was amazing and admitted her inexperience and took the time to find out more about something before diagnosing me with something that could have been easily missed, I'm dealing with a few health issues now but trying to go a different route. I did have amazing doctors as a kid though, I don't know if the attitude was different in their training or the pressures on them were less or I just lucked out. 

  4. Large soft fleece blanket or two since the sheets can be on the rougher side if you are lying against them for a long time and you have sensitive skin.

    You can also get really soft headphones that can be slept on that might be useful.  They're a headband with tiny speakers in and so much more comfortable to use when lying down than overhead or in-ear headphones. Sleepphones is one brand but there are several similar ones that are not so expensive https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=sleephones.  Don't bother with the sleepphones wireless ones though they're terrible. I quite often use them as an eye mask too by pulling them down a bit.


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  5. I live on the edge of Dartmoor (south-west England and that's stunning as are many moorland areas of the UK. The coasts of Cornwall and Dorset are also really stunning an interesting.  Some areas are doable by public transport easily between May and October. The public transport is not as great outside of these times as they're tourist destinations so it more geared to high season.  You can get to Lyme Regis in Dorset by train if you fancy doing some fossil hunting.  

  6. No, but I'm in the UK and air conditioning in domestic houses is really rare to the point that I don't think I've ever experienced it. It's not really worth it for the relatively few days a year we really need it. Our house tends to stay pretty cool unless it's really humid which it has been the past couple of weeks and then it's usually possible to cope with a fan on though it's not exactly pleasant.  I'm glad aircon is more common in shops, offices and other public spaces though it makes a big difference in those places where people are more crammed together. 

  7. I'm pretty reactive and know the kind of rash you mean. It may have been way too much too soon.  I followed advice to build up retinol type products really slowly at a really low strength, like use the lowest strength once or twice a week and see how it goes. Years ago I had a bad reaction to a vitamin c cream but I don't react these days so I'm not so sure about that one. It could be something else in the cream. Retinol does make you really sun sensitive so I use it at night only and cleanse in the morning and use sunscreen. I have a suspicion you might end up like I was a couple of years ago when I got into AHAs and realised I couldn't use them, it took a long time for my skin to sort itself out. Pretty much only become more normal this year and I still have rosacea but the spotty rash thing rarely shows up.

    The La Roche Posay Toleriane range is what helped me. I'd get the cleanser and one of the moisturisers. I like the really thin Fluide but the normal one is good too, They've got something in them that really helps the irritation. 

  8. Huawei P10  has a very good camera. I have one.  I only know UK prices but they're coming down because the P20 just came out. The only negative I've found is that the range of cases is a bit limited and good screen protectors are hard to find because like a lot of phones it has a very slightly curved screen at the edge.

  9. I'm very unphotogenic and spent my life involved in photography. I'm quite an unattractive person in real life too so I don't expect a miracle. I know the techniques to create a flattering portrait but I think that for some of us it just comes down to face structure. My family as a whole are very unphotogenic generally except my kids who have a different facial structure more inherited from their dad that makes them more symmetrical and balanced, though my dd has the jaw issues to quite an extreme that will corrected surgically when she stops growing but it's not visually that noticeable. Most of my family are very fine boned with narrow faces and hooded eyes but with heavy jaws and it's not the most attractive combo, we tend to look quite gaunt and unwell even when we are fine and we all have quite asymmetrical features. I have noticed that when I photograph a friend who has really noticeable issues with one eye I can pose her in various ways to balance that feature but for some people, more subtle issues become really noticeable in images and they just cease to look anything like real life.  There's lots of strange stuff our brain compensates for when we look at someone. My husband has one eye lower than the other and it's only noticeable in a mirror or in photographs caught from some angles. 

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  10. My mum has osteoperosis. She's had so pretty nasty issues with both having it and also treatment. She had a very bad reaction to alendronic acid which landed her in hospital with extremely low kidney function. It's known to have bad gastrointestinal side effect which she put up with for a few months not realising they were connected until she was keeping nothing down and it ended up screwing up her kidney function. She recovered to about 50% function after being taken off it and a stay in hospital. Now she has a Prolia injection every 6 months without any side effects other than some treatments she gets some bone pain for about 24hrs. I would just be very aware of the possible side effects of anything you take. Since being on Prolia she doesn't seem to have had any deterioration or side effects. 



    I'm getting very frustrated. The brands that make specific shoes for wide feet don't ship to the UK (apart from New Balance which doesn't seem to give me good support). Any suggestions of shoes that run wide? These are for every day walking, taking in rough paths, but must be Gore-Tex or equivalent. My feet are wider at the toes than at the ball of the feet and I'm tired of being squashed! I spent yesterday in a specialist shop and didn't find anything.

    I've got wide toes and a narrow heel. Did you try on Brasher's? They're supposed to run wide in the toe. I don't wear mine any more because my feet seem to have changed shape and they're a bit small. I also like super cheap Regatta waking boots because they're wide but they're not super durable. I also have waterproof UGG leather boots that are so comfy. They're quite solid and wide in the toe. I thought they'd be too soft and soggy but they fit so well and you could add an insole for extra support.

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  12. I sometimes wash my hands in the kitchen after using the bathroom downstairs. The hot water in the downstairs bathroom takes an absolute age to run through and it's freezing in there.  Plenty of gross things end up in the kitchen sink so I don't think it's too gross and we wash up in a washing bowl not directly in the sink. 

  13. I don't think it's messy, it's just in use. I have a messy house, we're all pretty untidy and there's not enough storage. There's always stuff where it shouldn't be and falling over on the floor.  I'm long past caring. 

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  14. I've got the solid firm type leather uggs and they are incredibly comfortable and I wear them for long walks but I generally struggle with shoes being too narrow so they might just suit my feet.  The solid leather ones are not soft and soggy.  I have a pair fake uggs that are softer and really sloppy in their fit and I only wear them around the house because they hurt on longer walks so I think it can also be the specific fabric and how it stretches. 

  15. I've had a pretty mixed experience feeding a raw diet to my cat. She hates the commercially prepared raw food because they grind it up into a rough mince or pate or gloop generally. She won't eat any food that's in any texture other than meat chunks or whole creatures. She got on better for a while with a homemade version but after a while refused it. I came to the conclusion it was because it was the same food too frequently and she likes a lot of variety even when I'm feeding normal wet cat food. She wants constant change.  She's a big hunter and when the weather is warmer I'll see a minimum of 3 mice/shrews/ voles a day that she brings in and the occasional bird. She's probably eating more outside though. I gave up with the raw food in the end.  I  might try it again if I can find some alternative that is in a texture she likes. 

  16. I've known a few families over the years that I think of as being educationally neglectful but I live in an area with predominantly more radical unschoolers and I think those families who don't do anything hide out amongst that group easily. Most of the kids ended up in school reasonably young either because the parents had a sudden awakening or in one case the kids were taken into care (obviously not just for that reason). I know one family now who I think are not educating and hiding in unschooling. I've known the kids for years and the family just about got by for a long time because the eldest is really self-motivated. Eldest is now an adult who struggles to get a job because she lacks basic qualifications and wants to do something she can't even start to work towards. Their youngest child is much younger and hasn't had anything that could be called an education by any method, he's angry at his parents and mum (now on her own) doesn't seem to care enough that it motivates her to do anything. I hadn't seen them for a few years and hadn't realised how bad things had got. Even with my experience of those families I still think it represents a small number of home educators, I just happen to live in an area that already has problems with rural poverty and all the issues that come with that. People think they can do better than the mediocre local schools but don't realise the effort they need to put in. 

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    Congratulations I get the whole disappointment over not having more girls and no, dil are not the same at all




    it is a pain when children get older ant they have the same initials. I have 2 boys with the same initials and one child with same name as DH. it makes mail very difficult especially when they are living away and still having mail sent here -( becasue of shifting work locations) . Who do I forward it to?? - it makes superannuation difficult- DH hates it now that he named a child after him and when he makes a doctors appointment he has to say senior - he hates it

    Yeah in my husband's family he has the same initials as his dad and mail was always annoying. I can imagine it would be a total nightmare if you've got multiple teens with the same initials at the same address all opening each other's letters and knowing who to forward to.

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  18. None of ours have sat on the kitchen counters but they all hang out on the dining table particularly if we are sitting up to it working. They've always gone where they want in the rest of the house. I've never find it too hard to keep them off kitchen counters but it might depend a lot on the individual cat.

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