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  1. Hello, I am looking for a pen pal for my just turned 10 year old girl. She just started 5th grade and LOVES to write letters but doesn't have any pen pals this year and would love a couple. If you are interested please contact me and we can swap info. Thanks so much!!! Melinda jmchapin@earthlink.net
  2. I really appreciate your info it makes me feel a lot better in purchasing Algebra I - Math is NOT my thing, but it seems like TT is an awesome way to go if you aren't so good at teaching math :0) I love what I have seen online and think this program will be great for my daughter. Actually I am going to use the 5th grade program too w/ my younger dd.
  3. I just did NOT want to have to repeat pre-algebra with her - I would love to hear from any others as well. :0)
  4. My daughter took the placement test for Algebra 1 and she got 7 correct on section 1 and 5 on section 2 - It says you should score Section 1 - 10 correct Section 2 - 8 correct To start Algebra 1 - do you think her score was close enough? I was really hoping she could start Algebra 1 (she will be in 9th) We have worked through MOST of Lial's Basic College Math but are so ready to just end it and take a break. What would you do? Does Algebra 1 cover enough pre-algebra in the beginning for her to be ok? HELP!!!!
  5. Homeschooling (fighting for our rights) Petition via hslda.org https://www2.hslda.org/Registrations/DepublishingCaliforniaCourtDecision/?RedirectCompleted=true Please take the time, if you haven't already, and fill this out.
  6. I couldn't stand not buying anything - I guess if you aren't that type of person it would be good research. but for me NO WAY
  7. Does the following and I don't feel it is too much at all - of course she doesn't do them ALL each day - we have a schedule to alternate. Math - Lial's Basic College Math Science - Usborne books & summary pages along w/ united streaming Grammar/Writing - Bob Jones Spanish - Rosetta Stone Literature - Lightning Lit Geography - United Streaming & various geography books & worksheets that I own Spelling - apples spelling 2 pages daily Vocabulary - list I create each week for her to study (next year we will use Vocabulary from Classical Roots again)
  8. It is a great program I am using it with my 4th & 8th Graders - Oh, and me too!!! :D
  9. off of amazon - at a GREAT price. One of the best purchases I've made
  10. We actually used Core 5 in 7th Grade & we enjoyed it very much.
  11. Most people won't agree with me but you should check out School of tomorow paces - they are so simple to use. Also, Sonlight is great OR the All-in-one curriculums that cover all subjects and include EVERYTHING you do day by day. Just some thoughts...
  12. We use Wordly Wise & Bob Jones for Spelling (4th grade)
  13. My daughter really needed that step-by-step instruction so we took in slow the last half of 7th and she is currrently still working through the book. Once she finishes, we will begin Algebra I (teaching textbooks - most likely)
  14. You can do a free online diagnostic test to determine what level he should begin at and they are very simple to use - not too many problems - if so, just cut down. We enjoyed using them & may use them again for some subjects next year.
  15. We enjoy them - or Abeka Readers
  16. buy the TE used & the workbook isn't that much. Full color - not dull colorless pages
  17. I will call the vet and see when I can get her in. I am sure it's the right thing to do I can't stand to see that poor baby suffer. And she isn't eating and it worries me.
  18. I probably will use it as extra reading in additon to our curriculum & not as our spine. Thanks for your input. :D
  19. I have 3 cats - 2 kittens 1 full grown - 1 of the kittens and the full grown cat both had the same thing - one eye that was swollen and running, sneezing and just not feeling well. Slept a lot - they got better after about a week - my other little kitten (the little girl) now has the same thing but her little nose is so stopped up she is having a hard time breathing. Is there anything I can do here at home w/out having to go to the vet that might help? I feel so sorry for her. :(
  20. I am using 4th grade right now and used it for 3rd too - I don't usually teach from the TM unless my daughter needs some more explanation on something.
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