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  1. Some other titles to consider are the following: Friendly Chemistry 21st Century Lifeskills Mathematics Living Mathematically Megawords Movies as Literature Institute for Excellence in Writing Story of the World series with Audio versions of high school level literaure Mystery of History Wordsmart Trail Guides to Geography Explorer's Bible Study- Bible Discovery What I have found is that the more multi-sesory the program is , the more it actually sticks. We use color for grammar and each part of speech has its own color (nouns/blue, verbs/red, pronouns/lt. blue, linking verb
  2. I am in the same boat with my ds. He is dyslexic with working memory and word retreval issues. He is going in to 9th grade in the fall and here is what we are using or have considered. 9th All American History vol. 1& 2 ( this can be used for grades 5-12 and is very hands-on) w/ Great courses video high school American History Explorer to 49ers Math-U-See Algebra Paces Biology w/ videos Paces English 1 /without lit Paces Health ( stinks ,but Abeka was too difficult) 10th Math-U-See Geometry ( it is easy on proofs) Paradigm Accelerated English & Easy Grammar Ultimate P
  3. I believe that each "year" contains only 90 lessons so you could do both of them in one year. I know that science is set up so that with the Integrated Physics and Chemistry PAC claims that 180 lessons is equal to two years worth of credit.
  4. Hands on English with Linking Blocks is excellent for a kinetic learner. It uses blocks and color to cement concepts (think Math-U-See for Grammar). It is a bit pricey, but worth it. We also used the book ( I can't remember the exact title) Sentence Families . It told stories to illustrate the various parts of speech with each character using color and physical characteristics to explain their function. Now we use Growing with Grammar and he still uses the colors to parse sentences.
  5. Run don't walk to the doctor. I had the same thing and he put me on a z -pack. I week later and I had pneumonia. I am now taking cipro and feel much better.
  6. I am attempting to purchase ahead for when my ds will be is 10th and I am trying to decide between 2 curricula for him. He is dyslexic with short term memory and word retrieval issues. He learns best with a multi- sensory format with much repetition. For science, I am torn between Ace Physical Science w/ DVDs or Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum's Integrated Chemistry and Physics w/ Chemistry 101 and Physics 101 DVDs. For World History , I am comparing Paradigm's World History course and Power Basics World History I-III. Does anyone have any experience with these programs? What worked best for
  7. We are planning on using All American History vol 1 & 2 for American History (which we choose for its multi-sensory component) and Paces (for its short text and fill in the blank format) for World History. For English Lit I am planning to Use Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings w/supplemental readings all done via Kindle's text to speech feature. There are only 3 books in the series, but we will add both Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Beowulf. Videos of the Odyssey,Standard Deviants Rings, Kings, and Things, Excalibur, and Lord of the Rings will also be added. We ar
  8. Does anyone know how to find the best colleges for this major? We are trying to find an excellent acredited Baptist friendly smaller college with a forensics major. We have no idea where to even start. Help!
  9. Thanks, so much!!!!! You ladies are awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. My ds is signed up to take the PSAT this week in order to qualify (hopefully) as a National Merit Scholar. I am reading threads about application letters and such and am very confused. This is new information to me . I thought that he would take the test and if he qualified I would be notified and then told what to do. Is there some step I am missing? Where do I get this info? Is it too late to fill this out? Help!!!
  11. Our butcher told us that 1/2 pound is equal to 1 cup. So, you would need 1 1/2 pounds of chicken.
  12. I have it ordered , but have not used it yet. I have only seen snipets . I can let you know more when I have a chance to look at it.
  13. Another option is to use All American History volumes 1 & 2 . It is by the same publishers as the Mystery of History series. It is written to be used by 5th-8th grade at the rate of one volume / year.If you combine the volumes and use their high school level tests, it should count as a high school credit, but still be easy to read. I am using it for my dyslexic son for high school.
  14. I have a child who is dyslexic, has short term memory issues, and word retrieval difficulties. I am considering using Paces Biology for him. I like the idea of the video component, but not the $200+ price tag. How would something like Biology 101 work as a substitute for the visual portion? Does anyone know if the Paces course has any labeling sheets for disections? I saw some questions on the lad sheet , but no diagrams. It was not much of a sample and I could not get a feel for the program.
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