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  1. DS is a rising senior and found out a friend is going to Lipscomb University in Nashville.  This has peaked his interest in this university.  (Not to mention that they have a decent Baja team!)


    Anyone visited there or had experience with this university?





  2.   We have been ACT people for a long time. But dc #3 decided to take the new SAT this June and it is taking SOOOOO long to get the scores, as compared to the ACT.  (By the way, he LOVED the SAT compared to the ACT.  But he is a math guy)


    Does anyone know why it takes SAT so much longer to get the scores out than ACT?


    Just wondering.....





  3. Our experience with Apologia has also been good. It is a good solid text.  And I have found that it increases in difficulty from the 7th grade General Science to the Advanced Physics. So, it is age appropriate.  


     Oldest son is a math major and was well prepared with Apologia and oldest daughter is a nutrition major and was well prepared with Apologia.  


    DS#1 took: Apologia Physical Science, Apologia Biology(our least favorite), Apologia Chemistry, and ABEKA Physics, taken with a co-op, homeschool class.

    DD#1 took: Apologia Physical Science, Apologia Biology, Apologia Chemistry, and Advanced Biology, taken with a homeschool class in the Memphis area.  


    Except when they were older and could drive themselves to classes(cause I had "littles" at home) we did all of these at home with no DVD's, just like "cbollin" said in her post.  But that was "back in the day"......


    I think some folks don't like the format of Apologia.  It is not a traditional text. And the book is written as if Wile is "speaking" to the student.  My third child LOVES this text.  He thinks much like Wile and loves his explanations.  However, some of my students would rather have had a straight-forward, get to the point, kind of textbook like Abeka or BJU.  


    DS#2(third child) is taking a slightly  different path but still using some  Apologia.  We are just able to branch out.  We have a little more money and no "littles" at home that need naps.  


    But here is his sequence:


    DS#2: Apologia Physical Science with Rusty Hughes DVD, Apologia Biology with no DVD, Clover Creek Science(Physics) with Jetta Seboly, Apologia Chemistry with local co-op class, and planning on Apologia Advanced Physics this year at home.


    Not sure about DD#2......Still too early to tell you about her.....


    If you still have questions I would check out SWB's write up in the WTM or Cathy Duffy's review in one of her top pick books.  


    Hope that helps!



  4. My son, who is going to major in engineering or physics, took a similar route to "dereksurfs" son mentioned above.  My son took Biology in 9th and then took Jetta's Clover Creek Science in 10th (In Jetta's first year).  This was an EXCELLENT course and really developed his study skills and his love for physics.(Heh, Jetta :hurray: )


    Then,when he took Chemistry in 11th, he was much more prepared for that subject, with the physics background.  And then this coming year, which will be 12th grade, he is going to do some type of Advanced Physics.  (Still working on that.......)


    I agree, with the others about not taking two physics courses back to back.  Was a nice transition for separate with Chemistry.  

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  5. My third child took the SAT(without the essay) yesterday in the Memphis area.  He loved it!  Said it might not ever take the ACT again, if he could take the new SAT.  He is math guy though, and finished early on the math test. Thank you Derek Owens!!


    (Wish I could say the same about the reading, but he is S...L.....O...W.....in reading.  


    He got to sit where he wanted to .....No assigned seating....He loved that.  He had two breaks. He loved that.  


    The room was a touch cool, which he liked.  Said it kept him sharp and alert.  


    All in all it was a good experience!



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  6. I can tell you what we did, but please do what works well for your family.  We are not experts on DO, and don't pretend to be. So, do what works well for you and your son.  


    We had not used a course like DO and started with Algebra II also.  It was good practice for him to take notes, to follow a syllabus and keep up with his assignments.


    Here is what we did as far as pacing.  We printed the syllabus and did a"check box" every day.  One day it might be a lesson.  And one day it might be a HW assignment.  But just kept him moving ....one box a day.  


    (Couldn't do that with PreCalc....had to do Lesson and HW assignment in the same day to finish on time.  And with APCalc next year, he is going to follow the weekly schedule, so that he will finish BEFORE he has to take the AP exam)


    But with Algebra II, we just took a box a day on the syllabus.  


    He did not wait for all his homework assignments before he kept on moving.  But he DID wait right before a test.  Wanted to make sure that he knew all the information before test time.  So he would wait for homework assignments to be ALL GRADED before he took a test.  


    We used a printer/scanner to send to DO.  Worked very well.  


    Like I said, we are not DO experts.  This is just what worked for us.  And you must find what works for your son.







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  7. DS is home from his final AP exam! YAY!!! 


    He is now finished with high school...and thus, our homeschool. I am so, so thankful I had the opportunity to teach this kid for all these years. What a blessing...I'm at a loss for words. 



    And you, my dear friend,  have done a FABULOUS job with this young man!!  So, proud of BOTH of you, Jetta!!




    Brenda :hurray:

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  8. I am still playing around with ideas for this fall. 


    DS has completed WWS 1 and due to the fact that he is an older student, I was thinking we "might" skip WWS 2 and go straight to WWS3.


    IF you have done this, can you give me feedback on what problems that you had with doing this?





    P.S.Just a quick shout out to my friend, "Morning Glory"......Heh, Jetta! :seeya:

  9. Ahhhh, yes, the Mother of Divine Grace has a syllabus for Henle AND Wheelocks!!  You ladies are GREAT!!  And "Mimi" I'll go check out the Getting Started with Latin.


    One more question:


    If you had to choose between Henle and Wheelocks , which would you use?  (Remember our goal is not to have a NLE student.  We just want to give him a background in this language to prepare him for college.  But not over the top.)


    Thanks again!



  10. Yes, just planning on two years of Latin.  That is what we need, not particularly rigorous, but adequate.  Very well said.  Because our rigorous courses will be in math and science.  Want to give him time for that.  But also want to do something that would qualify as a high school level Latin.


    Make sense?


    I'll go check out Mother of Divine Grace syllabus.  Sounds promising.  And older brother could help us out on the weekends if needed.  He just completed his 4th semester of Latin at local university.  (B.A in Political Science-my history buff)


    Don't think we want to do an online class for this or outside class, as our funds are being used for math and science.  Yes, yes, I know he would benefit from an outside class, but funds are just not there.

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