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  1. Good morning, ladies!


    Due to the death of my father this spring, I am looking for an easier option for teaching science and math to my older two who will be 8th and 10th grades next year. Math and science are my weakest two subjects to teach. (I am a music major who LOVES history. So, I do fairly well with History, English, and the arts......:001_smile: And we will be using TOG/TQ for history and Lit.)


    However, I will need to be spending extra time next year and in the years to come, caring for my mom. So, looking into BJU homesat.


    Here is my question. Can you record the lessons on DVDs so that you can use them again with younger children? I have two other children who will be coming along shortly and I would like to share these lessons with them, if possible.


    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this.....


    Blessings to you all this Friday morning!!!


    With much love,


    Brenda Scott

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