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  1. Last little chickie has been accepted to her schools:  University of Memphis and Union University in Jackson, TN.  She wants to stay local and major in either physics or electrical engineering.  I wanted her to add either Mississppi State or Tennessee Tech, but she thinks those would be too far from home.  

    I am almost "retired".  Not sure what I will do with myself.  I have homeschooled since 2001.  

    Blessings to all of you, 

    Brenda Scott

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  2. Well, here's the thing.  I am looking for an ACT math prep that will pull up my DD's  score about 2 to 4 points.   This is my 4th child and she is fairly confident with math.  She is presently doing D. O. PreCalc.  

    Here are things that I have on my shelf to use:

    Barron's ACT Math and Science Workbook

    PWN the SAT Math Guide


    The Real ACT prep guide(The Big Red Book)

    I am asking because I am having some health issues(nothing serious) and I need something that she can do mostly on her own.  

    If you weren't feeling quite yourself, what would you use?





  3. Well, for my last little chickie at home, Clover Creek Physics with Jetta Seboly was her absolute FAVORITE!  "Little Chickie" is even SAD that the class is over.  This is not an easy class, but Jetta has done an excellent job of putting this information together.  Jetta is a personal friend of mine.  I am SOOO proud of her and the job she has done with these classes.  She puts her heart and soul into it.  She LOVES her students and wants them to do their VERY best.  

    We HIGHLY recommend this class, especially for those going into a STEM field.  

    Little Chickie also liked Derek Owens Algebra II, but I found I had to sit with her and discuss the videos with her.  Her mind tended to wander just a bit.  We also took an extra day right before the chapter tests to rework her homework assignments.  Was a great review for her.   Wish DO had an online option like Jetta's class  that would have a "online class" once a week to go over topics that might be causing some issues.  Would be helpful.  

    Hope that helps!




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  4. Yes, Prairiewindmamma, DD is about to finish Algebra 2.  She will start PreCalc in August with DO.  So we are good with that.  🙂  And gstharr, I have the Barrons SAT book on my shelf!  Thanks for that reminder.  Completely forgot about it.  

      I think she just needs some weekly practice with math review.  Khan should be good for that.  And then Barrons closer to time.

    Thanks for all the information!  You guys are GREAT!



  5. Just wondering if any of you have ideas that we could use this summer to do some review that would help with PSAT next fall.    I am not as concerned about the Reading/Writing portion(though I'll take those ideas too) of the test as I am the math portion.  She is about to complete Algebra II with DO and has strong math skills, but could use some review, to help with her confidence.   Any ideas?  She will be a junior next year.   

      I am about to head to band, so I will check back later in the day.  



  6. I can not believe that I am planning for my sweet baby girl's 11th grade year.  Does not seem possible.  

    But here is what we have so far:

    AP English Language/Comp (Blue Tent Online)

    Pre Calc (Derek Owens)

    Chemistry (Local Co-op class-Already had Clover Creek Physics this year....."Hi, Jetta!!)

    US History  (Biblioplan year 3)

    Band/ piano (Local homeschool band)

    Bible: ( BJU book E plus Proverbs study from Biblioplan)


    She may start Notgrass Government over the summer.  We shall see.....



  7. Yes, with our last little chickie here at home we also are using the Health Lifepac with her this year.  It was good for her as she is a very independent, left-brain child. (It was good for me, as I really didn't have to "teach" that one. Just graded her tests.) She chose to work on it about 3 days a week(MTW).  We will still finish it in a year, but a 1/2 credit class.  She chose to do it this way, as she has science labs on Thursday and Band on Friday in another city.


    But with her older siblings we used Total Health and Abeka Health.  By far the AO Lifepacs have been the easiest to use. 


    For older sis, who was going to be a nutritionist, we added an extra book called Nutrition 101.  


    Hope that helps!





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  8. Yes, Ellie, I too loved the way WS teaches.  And I have several of the older copies.  But this new one seems to have fleshed out a daily lesson plan for the book, which was something that I REALLY needed.  And it has included the Reading Strands with it, so that you are alternating each week between either writing or reading.  I have one more little chickie at home to teach and she LOVES writing and reading.  She "could" be an english major......too soon to know.  I thought she would enjoy doing some WS for fun every few weeks.  


    Over the years I have alternated between Writing Strands, Wordsmith Craftsman, and Lively Art of Writing for high school. I just keep coming back to those because they work.  Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. 


    Thanks, Ellie!  And thank you SWB for recommending wonderful curriculum over the years!  





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  9. Garga, 


    What do you think your rising 11th grader will major in in college?  I had two STEM guys who headed to college and so they did Calculus their 12th grade year.  However, I had another student who was going to major in dietetics and she didn't need Calculus in college.  She only needed College Algebra.  So she used her 12th grade year to get College Algebra out of the way at our local community college.  


    Just giving you something else to think about.



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  10. Just to respond a bit about why we did 2 Algebra based physics.  I know that it was overkill.  But for THIS student, I just felt that he needed a bit more review of the Physics concepts to make sure that those skills were solid.  So that when he switched to a calc based physics, that he was still not struggling with the physics concepts.  We did the same thing for Calc.  He took the DO's AP Calc, but we didn't take the AP test.  And then this fall, as a freshmen, he started with Calc I with all the other freshmen engineering students.  He has thanked me OVER and OVER.  He even said just yesterday, that many of the engineering students are having trouble with Physics 1 this semester because this IS a Calc based physics and the engineers are having trouble meshing Calc and Physics.  But since he took 2 physics classes in high school and DO's Calc and then again back in the fall as a beginning freshman, his skills are solid and he seems to be tutoring folks.  


    I also made this decision after talking with several engineering professors as we toured many colleges during his junior year of high school.  I did not make this decision lightly.  


    For some of these upper level concepts, for some students, we need to let them "marinate" on the concepts for a while to get those skills solidly in their long term memory.  


    I know I would not have done this with ALL of my students.  But for this one, it is paying off big time.  That is why, when we plan for the up coming year, we really have to pray about it and think deeply about that kid.  


    Hope that helps!





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