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  1. Just wanted to say a great big southern welcome to all of you who are coming to the Memphis conference!


    I live just about an hour north of Memphis and will be at the conference most of the time.


    I will be at MOST of SWB's sessions.


    I may have some of my kids with me. My girls are easy to spot. They have red hair.


    Make sure you get some good sweet tea and BBQ while you are here!


    Again, WELCOME!





  2. A Lit group like I mentioned is BEST done with a buddy. Know your skills as a teacher. I do more of the "serious" part of the discussion, but my buddy does more of the "fun" stuff. She is just GREAT at coming up with ideas for the boys to do.


    When we did Door in the Wall we had a whole bunch of "knighthood" type games for them to do outside and even had a "knighting" ceremony with cape and certificate at the end. (They LOVED that!)


    For The Cay, which we are doing this month, they will have to build their own raft model. It has to be 8'' by 10'' in size. And it should include all the items that the boys think might be necessary for you to survive an indefinite time at sea. They will bring these from home and share them with the group.(Also works on public speaking skills.;))


    Remember that we have ALL BOYS. So, we try to do activities that are just for boys. The girls book club is completely different.


    Our co-op group lasts about 2hours.


    And Heather, I don't know how to do that "quote thingie" either.:D





  3. Here is an idea that we have tried in our homeschool co-op. This co-op meets 6 times a year, so nothing overwhelming. (Sept, Oct, Nov and Feb Mar and April)


    We started this group as a Boys lit discussion. We aimed it for 4th-7th grades. And we used the ideas out of Deconstructing Penguins. And we even started with Mr. Popper's Penguins!


    We taught the boys basic lit analysis including Plot, Characters including Protagonist/Antagonist, Conflict, and Theme. And then later in the year, we showed them how to "chart" all of that using the methods in TTC. And we tried to vary the genre with each month.


    Here is the key: We started with easier books, fun books, and included fun activities that we did together with the lit analysis. And I'm telling you what!(southern phrase....;)) Now, those boys are ready to discuss high school pieces with the best of them! The key is to start early. And to start simply.


    I would put these boys, who are now 7th graders, up against my own high schoolers any day.



    There are some of the 7th graders of our group who have also started a Hewitt 7th grade lit course to also prepare them for high school work. But as for my family, we just try to keep it simple with the TTC style/WTM style and throw in CLE reading for a little more structure.


    Here are the books we used for last year and this year.


    Last year: Mr Popper's Penguins, Homer Price, Door in the Wall, The Phantom Tollbooth, and From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and one biography of their choosing.


    This year:By the Great Horn Spoon, Brady, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Westing Game, The Cay, and Biography of their choosing.


    Just what we have done. Hope that helps!



    This was such a success, that we now have a Girls books club(4th-7th) and Book buddies which is aimed at 2nd/3rd grade. Not sure what we will do for next year. Only time will tell.

  4. I needed some type of format to teach ME how to teach lit analysis. For this I used Teaching the Classics:A Socratic Method for Literay Education. Find this at www.centerforlit.com



    THEN, I went back and read AGAIN, The Well Educated Mind by SWB and it made sense to me.


    I got it.


    I think we make this WAY harder than it has to be at the high school level. We need to relax and read the books with our kids and discuss them. Really!


    Hope that helps!



    (Who gets to give SWB a GREAT BIG HUG next weekend in Memphis! And thank her for showing me how to teach my kids.:D)

  5. Anyone ever coordinated these two? I will be using SOTW & Biblioplan with a soon to be 3rd and 7th grader next year. We will be studying Book 2 of SOTW.


    Older sister will be doing that same time period. She will be an 11th grader.


    Has anyone ever coordinated SOTW 2 with SWB's History of the Medieval World?


    Just wondering if anyone has ever coordinated these two for your family?





  6. Our Eagle did a children's flower garden at an organization called Habitat for Hope. The garden is for children and their families who have been treated or are being treated at St. Jude Children's Hospital.


    He raised all the funds for the flowers, trees, bulbs, bench, and statues that went in the garden. He consulted with other gardeners to get ideas. He drew up his own plan for the garden. And then with his group of volunteers, he led the group in preparing the ground, planting the ground, and then adding the finishing touches like mulch and the bench. It took them about 3 weekends to get the project completed.


    It was a growing experience for ALL of us. Our Eagle had to learn how to LEAD others. And I had to step back and LET HIM!;)


    Hope that helps!



  7. This really helped. Still praying and thinking about next year. At the very least, we still want to do the New Testament Challenge with her. I think the Bible portion of MFW has been one of the BEST things about the program. She is growing in wisdom and maturity that my son did not.


    And YES, Crystal, you KNOW I'm going to be at conference!!!;)

    Hope to give you a great big hug, girl!





  8. Presently, we are doing MFW: 9th grade, Ancients, but with a 10th grader......Had planned on doing the 10th grade year next year but wondering if we could skip a year and bump her up to the 11th grade year. A lot of the books in the 10th grade year, she has already read. Not that she couldn't read them again.


    But just wondering if you HAVE to do these years in order....


    Just thinking...and planning .....





  9. I agree, Melissa. Mr. Firebaugh is "dry as a crust of bread". But when your kids finish, they will know Algebra. It is highly regarded in Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks.


    He is just not as FLASHY as say, CD. I think that is why this program doesn't get more attention.


    It is SO cool to call the company. Many times I have spoken to Mr. Firebaugh himself.





  10. After all our college tours and listening to Financial Aid directors, I had my mind set on completing the FAFSA on January 1. They all stressed the URGENCY in completing this as soon after January 1 as possible. Had me scared to death.


    But do we REALLY have to complete this TODAY? Or can this wait until mid January?


    We will not be in line for pell or other federal aid. So what's the hurry?


    When do YOU fill out the FAFSA?





  11. Can't thank you all enough for this wonderful post. Gives me LOTS to think about. Need to pray about it some more. Right now, leaning toward just sticking with CLE 700 and then move on to our high school schedule. No hurry, just thinking through things for next year.(You KNOW I'm not the only one to do this in January!;))


    For my older two, for high school this is what we used. And it worked for us. (Have 4 kids. One is a senior and one is a sophomore. Both did VERY well with the math portion of the ACT. The other two are my "littles". They are 6th and 2nd grade.)


    I would also say some kids are ready for Algebra in 8th grade and some are not. I had one of each. I am SO glad I did not rush my 2nd child to do Algebra in 8th grade like her brother did. Gave her an extra year to mature. It was WELL worth it. Now, she has a good foundation and is doing well with high school math.


    But you really have to look at EACH child when trying to decide what to do when.


    As for my 6th grader, he is going to follow a similar path as his older brother. And wants to be an engineer or physics major. Loves to build things. So, we want to give him as much math and science as we can before sending him off to the CC for his senior year of high school. Another reason for starting Algebra in 8th grade.


    But here is what we used....finally getting there....I am long winded. We talk a lot in the south....;)


    Algebra I: Math Relief with Mr. Firebaugh followed by Beginning Algebra with LOF


    Algebra II: Math Relief with Mr. Firebaugh followed by Advanced Algebra with LOF


    Geometry: MUS Geometry followed by Geometry with LOF


    PreCalc: MUS PreCalc followed by CC class like College Algebra or Elem. Calculus


    Caution: Brag to follow......:D


    Now, this curriculum was nothing fancy or advanced(Like say...CD) but the kids got a great foundation and DS just got a 33 on his ACT subtest score. He KNOWS his math. That is what we wanted. Good foundation. CC teacher has been VERY impressed with him.


    THanks for all who shared their thoughts on 700 vs. 800. It has been VERY helpful.


    May God continue to richly bless your homeschool. Seek HIM often. He WILL guide you.





  12. That is exactly what we did this year and he has been just fine. We started CLE back last December 2009 and did 1/2 of the 500 level. Loved it, just loved it. But felt like it was a touch easy for him, so this year we did 601 at the beginning of the year, caught him up on anything he missed in 506-510. And he did just fine.


    So, was kind of thinking we would finish all of the 600's this year and then at the start of next school year we would jump to 801, but didn't know if that would be TOO much of a jump. There is a big difference between jumping 1/2 of a year and a WHOLE year.


    That was also another reason I was contemplating going back to BJU Pre-Algebra. It is safe. I know it works. We have used it before. And it is not spiral. SO, I don't have to wonder...Did he miss something??


    Make sense?



  13. My son is about to finish CLE math 6th grade. He is a good math student and is ready for some type of Pre-Algebra. With my other kids I used BJU Pre-Algebra course in the 7th grade. So, thought about using that.


    However, he really likes the CLE math program. So, I hate to change this.


    So, if I stay with CLE, could I skip him up to the 800 level since that is their "Pre-Algebra" level or would he miss too much in the 700 level to keep up?


    Any help would be appreciated.





  14. Here is what Bear has so far. Not at all what I thought would happen as we began looking at colleges back in his Junior year.


    University of Memphis (Honors Program)

    Bryan College

    UT Martin


    TN Tech

    and Belhaven


    He is leaning toward Memphis due to the honors program and the new honors dorm,the STEM program, how close it is to home, and the scholarship at Memphis.





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