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  1. Covenant would be on our "list" I think, if it were a bit closer to us.


    But Union is just at an hour and 15 minutes from our house.


    And we have toured the campus, being that it was so close.


    But just wondering what you guys noticed while on campus. If our experience was strange, or normal.


    Or was my experience "clouded" because I GRADUATED FROM UNION'S RIVAL ACROSS JACKSON...LAMBUTH UNIVERSITY and I can't BELIEVE that we are even LOOKING there.:confused:


    But Lambuth is not the same school it was 20 years ago. Sigh......



  2. We are right there with you in the same boat!;)


    DS, our oldest is narrowing down his list of schools. We started with these qualifications(His qualifications, in his junior year)...Small liberal arts school, not more than a days drive from home, with majors in math and history....


    BUT....as we have visited some of the colleges...the Feel of them just didn't fit him. For instance, we visited Union University in Jackson. The school just felt BIG to him. Too spread out. And he didn't really connect with the folks there. But "on paper", the school fit his original criteria.

    Union is only about an hour and a half away from our home, and has all his majors.


    However, when we went to visit TN Tech which is about 5 hours from our home, the feel of the college was much smaller, and he was able to connect with the folks there. Although the total enrollment is about TWICE that of Union. What?!!:glare:


    Also, we just threw in UT Martin, just because it was close, and he ended up connecting with other Boy Scouts/Venturers that go there in addition to connecting with the folks in the Scholars program there. And really hit it off with the Physics prof there. Physics??!! Where did THAT come from in his orginal criteria.


    So, if at ALL possbile, narrow down the list of schools, and then get on the campus. A visit makes all the difference. You can't really tell about a school from the website.


    Same thing happened with Belhaven in MS. The website does not do this school justice. You just can't get the feel of this school without getting on the campus.


    DS is narrowing his choice down to UT Martin, which is an hour and a half from our home , and Belhaven which is more like 3 and a half hours from our home. It will come down to those schools.


    Stay flexible and Pray hard!





  3. DS visited this college yesterday and got to hear about the scholars/honors programs there. He was pleasantly surprised. This school is only about 1 and 1/2 hours from our home. Yes, it is a state school, but it seems to have a smaller school feel to it.


    He liked it.


    Anyone have experience with it?





  4. DS will be taking two dual enrollment classes at the local CC this fall. But we still need to go visit one more of the colleges that he wants to attend as a freshman.


    How hard is it to be absent from these CC classes? This is our first experience with this, and don't want to affect his grade, but may need to miss a Friday class in October to visit Covenant.:glare:


    Is this going to mess him up? Or would one absence be o.k.?



  5. I will be praying for a safe year for all of you and your children. (We are just a year behind all of you....ds got his senior pictures today....where did the time go....:glare:)





  6. We will be speaking with someone from the math dept and the honors dept along with touring the campus.


    I will let you gys know what we think. It will be Monday or Tuesday before I can get back online.


    It is a little bigger school than the other schools my DS has looked at, but thought if he got plugged in with the honors program or another group on campus, then it might not seem so big.



  7. Cookeville!


    My dad pastored all over the middle TN area and Cookeville was my FAVORITE place to live. The schools were great at the time, much due to the influence of Tech. The neighborhoods were beautiful. The people were down to earth and friendly.


    We just loved it there.


    It was a sweet, sweet time.



  8. We are going college visiting again tomorrow! YEAH!


    DS would be a math major with history minor OR the other way around...Just depends on the day.;) He is a rising Senior, scheduled to graduate May of 2011.


    We have also toured.....(Listed in "his" favorite order)


    #1Belhaven(Which is just a little "gem"....Thanks, Polly!)







    Tech will be our first state school. We hope to also tour Memphis and CBU, both in Memphis, when we get back home.(I hope that should be it!!!)


    But any thoughts on Tech??? Anything we need to know before we go?? My dad used to pastor the 1st United Methodist church there in Cookeville, so I am familiar with the directions of how to get to the campus. But anything else?



  9. O.K. y'all, after much reading and searching and reading and searching here is what we have come up with for our Boys Book Club for this year. (Grades 4-7)




    Oct: Brady (historical fiction)


    Nov: Voyage of the Dawn Treader(Adventure)


    Feb: The Westing Game(Mystery)


    March: The Cay(Realistic Fiction)


    April: Choose your own Biography


    Now we just need one book to start us off. Need something maybe humorous, and a little easier than the other ones.


    Frindle, maybe? Has great example of Protagonist and Antagonist.


    Any ideas?





  10. This gives me a lot to go on. This is a Christian Group, so the moms are looking for strong themes that we can tie into our Christian faith....Such as perseverence, courage, doing what it right, even when no one else does....Etc...etc...


    I will be checking these titles out on Amazon....



    Thanks bunches!



  11. I am a co-leader of a Boys books club for 4th -7th graders. We meet six times a year.


    Last year we read Mr. Popper's Penguins, Homer Price, Door in the Wall, The Phantom Tollbooth,From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.Frankweiler and then each boy picked a biography to read.


    We are in the process of previewing books for this year. So, far we have some ideas like..... The Cay, Brady, and Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


    Any other ideas?





  12. We used Total Health. Next time, I do this with younger siblings, I will add in I Kissed Dating Goodbye and the Lesson Plans from MFW.


    MFW has a package deal that includes all three of these items, Student text, lesson plans and "dating book" for $44.95.


    I wish I had had the lesson plans. But I just didn't know about them.





  13. After many years with TOG, we are using MFW with 2nd child. One thing that I like is that is seems VERY age appropriate.


    I think sometimes we, as homeschool moms, forget that a 9th grader....in the very beginning of the year....is not really that different from an 8th grader;)....just a little step up. I think MFW takes that into account. I see a big difference in the pace and the book list as you progress in the MFW high school series.


    I think MFW remembers that these students are high schoolers and that this is their first taste at the Great Books. And hopefully, the student will ENJOY their taste with these Great Books, and will want to explore them again in college with more fervor the second time around.;)





    P.S. Used TOG Classic with a future history major....he couldn't get enough history...LOVED it. Using MFW with a future nutritionist....has a bent toward science...a VERY different student. This curriculum FITS her to a T. Nothing WRONG with TOG. Just not the best fit for THIS student. Make sense?


    You have to find what will work for YOUR student. O.K. getting off my soapbox today.....:D

  14. I was cutting grass all day yesterday and never got to check on this post. WOW! I am so glad that I have not lost my mind and this might be an option for us.


    The thing I have REALLY enjoyed about WWE 1 and 2 is that it is easy for me, that I can just pick this up and GO! AND it has so many benefits...My second grader is becoming a writer, right before my eyes.


    After doing these narrations for a full two years with her...over and over and over and in science and history too....well, she is starting to write on her own....Yeah! It is if it is all coming together...the spelling, the writing, and her thoughts.....


    So, I really wanted to just back up a little with her older brother and see if he worked really hard next year on the same kinds of things, but include the outlining...that maybe we would have the same kind of results with him also.


    With my older kids, who are now 17 and 15, I had read the very first WTM(Yes, I have been homeschooling that long!) and kind of understood what I needed to do. And we did those things. But it was never on a consistant weekly basis like with WWE.


    However, after using WWE and hearing SWB's MP3"s, I feel I have a MUCH better understanding of how writing needs to be taught....It truly IS writing with EASE....(Not the most difficult writing curriculum available!!! Or the most expensive for that matter.)


    Thanks to all who posted here...and thank you to SWB for making our life here a little EASIER! I will have a great big thank you HUG for you when you come to Memphis next year. Can't wait!:D


    Blessings to you all!



  15. Anyone ever done this?


    I finished listening to SWB MP3's on writing with middle schoolers. I have a rising 6th grader DS, who can write a fair paragraph narration, but needs more practice.


    Since there is no WWE 5 or 6.......

    Could I do this for his writing for next year?


    Monday: WWE 4 Narration

    Tuesday: WWE 4 Dictation

    Wednesday WWE 4 Narration

    Thursday: Level 1 Outline, as mentioned by SWB....And level 2 after Christmas Use History or science topics for this...Will have MOH, BJU Heritage studies, and BJU6th science for these outlines.


    Literature Analysis questions would be done every two weeks as he finishes a chapter book.


    And a Writing Strands lesson would happen every four weeks, when he takes a break from CLE LA.


    Would this work for a 6th grader? I don't want it to be too easy. BUt the narrations in WWE 4 are just awesome and it would be easy for me...Just pick up and DO IT! We have used WWE 1 and 2 with younger DD. She LOVES them.


    Would this work?





    (P.S. SWB....the MP3's are just AWESOME!:D)

  16. O.K. y'all I met "cbollin" when I went to our home school conference today....She is REAL! (Isn't it SO cool when you get to meet someone from the WTM board??!!! )


    And I bought MFW today! Got it home and it looks just AWESOME. Just the right match for dd.


    (Heh, Crystal, what was that SAT book you showed me today? I knew I should have written it down!)





  17. I think this decision really depends on the need of your student and your needs.


    1)Do you need things all laid out for you.....with daily lesson plans then I would go with MFW


    2)Or do you like to have a structure, and kind of know where you are going, but have the flexibility to plan each day...then I would go with TOG


    3)Is Bible more of a priority for your family....then I would go with MFW


    4)But if church history is more of a priority...then Iwould go with TOG


    5)Is your goal for your student "Academic Rigor"....then I would go with TOG


    The list could go on and on.....These are just a few things that I have noticed about each program. But when it really comes down to it, you have to KNOW your child and what will work best for him/her.


    I sat down and let my 15yo HELP ME make this decision. She just LOVED the idea of having daily lesson plans and doing an integrated Bible lesson each day....So, we went with MFW after doing TOG classic for years. We are all at peace here. But that is "OUR" story.


    You have to do what is RIGHT for your family. Pray and God will lead you.


    Going to conference later this morning to purchase my MFW:D So, I won't be around to check this post.





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