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  1. I agree, Algebra is the foundation for everything that comes after. We ended up spending two years on algebra, 8th and 9th grade, because I didn't feel it had particularly "stuck" after the first year. Then on to geometry, and as the pp said, when we returned to Algebra II in 11th, a lot had solidified and it went very well for my non-mathy dd! I personally think the current push to make everyone do algebra in 8th grade is doing a lot of kids a disservice.
  2. That's been my experience as well. They don't even want to think about it until the very end of summer or early September. At that point, if I didn't get an easy response, I'd truck in there in person. Don't they have to let you take it? Surely they can come up with a chair for one person.
  3. How are you handling the "evaluation" section on the Common Ap School Report? She is submitting several recommendations from outside people, but it appears I, as her "school administrator" need to supply an evaluation of her academic, extracurricular and personal character, among other things. Seems strange for a parent to be writing this and just wondering how others may have handled it!
  4. That's my question, too. A lot of the school report stuff would get a N/A, wouldn't it?
  5. We're in the thick of it now! Does anyone know if I need to send the "School Report" form as a home schooler, or does the Home School Supplement take the place of that? Seems like we'd be putting N/A on most of the questions. Also, is there a word limit on the "philosophy" statement? I gather it's not a good idea to load the poor admissions counselors down with a treatise on home schooling. . . what do you think is a good length? Boy, I'll be glad when this is all over!
  6. I second the idea of working in Wheelock's this year, progressing from the beginning and making sure all holes are filled. There are supplemental materials available as well. Then find another resource for Latin II or wherever he ends up next year. We've really liked the Lukeion Project.
  7. I've seen a lot of discussion about writing course descriptions, but now that we're getting into the application process, it is not clear to me who is requesting these. I don't see it on the Common Ap, just a list of major texts used. Am I missing something?
  8. We just commited to trying one new recipe a week to add some new stuff to our regular repetoire.
  9. Hi Shannon, My dd is also taking LatinI with Lukeion this year. Maybe they'll cross paths. Pam
  10. I'm planning on using HOAW supplemented with literature and Teaching Company Lectures (Famous Greeks, Asia Minor Civilizations, etc.) for our Ancients study this year. I do have the study guide that a wonderful person posted as well. I also have Pandia Press' History Odyssey, but I can't get excited about it. I'm a total devotee of SWB and we've worked our way through SOTW and Spielvogel with tons of supplements, all to great success. History is everyone's favorite subject. My concern is that the whole thing is going to hang together. I know some of you out there have used HOAW. . . any particular recommendations or observations to help me??
  11. Total congratulations and I agree you deserve the new suit now! Have you looked at Marshalls/TJ Maxx at all before you buy? The style you like is pretty popular now and I saw a lot of suits like that when I was in there last week. Just an idea. Otherwise, go for the LE one!
  12. Would it be possible to circumvent the whole issue and put "98" on the transcript instead of A or B?
  13. Ah, thank you Kendall. I wanted to be sure to have tests. Does the IG also include info about pacing and different tracks for students?
  14. The next question is where to find a teacher's edition and a test bank. I can't understand Key Curriculum's website; all I see is support info, no textbook products. Am I in the right place?
  15. Thanks! I expect she'll take as little math as possible when she gets to college but I would like her to be competent! Anyone else?
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