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  1. Skype sounds like a great solution - I wouldn't risk letting DH get the germs either. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  2. Another rotating sleeper here. I used to slept on my side a lot, with a preference to the left side because I heard it could help reduce acid reflux. However I've been experiencing some chest pain recently so I'm trying to sleep on my back more. Always with 2 or 3 pillows under my head and neck, again hoping the stomach acid will stay in its place (which doesn't seem to help at all).
  3. Exactly! I believe it's safer and more durable too. Only drawback is probably the price.
  4. The thread is still open, and it’s a topic I’m very keen on so I gave an answer hoping it will be helpful at least to some other people who may be having the same question. I’m very sorry if that offends you, and I would like to no longer explain my choice to comment because I don't want this thread to turn into an irrelevant debate. Thank you for understanding :)
  5. Are you talking about me? If so please let me know how I can improve my reply so it becomes a better, more useful reply to OP's question :)
  6. I wouldn't recommend CFLs as they could emit UV rays. Risks are small but if you're prone to skin cancer you may want to avoid those bulbs. Even incandescent are much safer in terms of UV emission, although they're hotter and consume more energy.
  7. A torchiere floor lamp with brightness of at least 2000 lumens would do. You can check the dimmable SKY LED torchiere by Brightech. It has a 3000 lumens output (equivalent to that of a 200W incandescent light)- which is extremely bright, so one is more than enough to light up a small room. Consumes very little energy (I love this about LEDs!) The lamp very skinny and easy to place anywhere in the room. It has a warm white color (3000K) - very good for a cozy bedroom and dining room. However, if you want something refreshing like full-spectrum light it’s probably not the best option. For daylight like light you can put a Revel floor lamp, the one with 3 big lanterns on it. Then find 3 bulbs with light color temperature of 4500K to 6000K and you should be good. You can find more information about both of the lamps here: https://www.hookedtobooks.com/best-floor-lamps/
  8. Ditto this <= "You can start by looking at yourself and how you can improve your own education in the home now."
  9. Following this. I'm looking into doing Immersion Reading (reading and listening at the same time) too but it's so hard to find the materials
  10. Try the app Duolingo. My niece had so much fun learning with it.
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