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  1. Lecka - thank you for reminding me that 5 hours is a big chunk of time. I think that's the big thing that bothers me. I know it's selfish, but I just want to be able to spend as much time with them as possible!
  2. Arcadia - Yes, the plan is for me to stay home when they are little, but to go back to work when they are school age. Personally, I think that I could manage to work part-time from home and that we would be fine financially, but income is only part of his reasoning for not wanting to homeschool. My earning potential compared to his is pretty laughable, to be honest, although it would obviously help. Mostly, he thinks the kids will grow up to be uneducated, unsocialized weirdos. His brother and sister were homeschooled (he lived separately from them and was public schooled) and they didn't turn out well at all, whereas he has a successful career, etc. I know that has a lot to do with his strong opinions about homeschooling. Ultimately, my relationship with him is more important to me than homeschooling. And yes, we have been arguing for our entire relationship, but I think that we do so in a "healthy" way! lol
  3. Thanks so much to everyone who has replied! This does make me feel a lot better ... I know it seems silly for me to even be thinking about this, but I have a STRONG maternal instinct that just hasn't become a reality for me yet! I have spent a decade working with kids as a career as well. I can definitely see the benefits of kids having structure that can only be possible in a large group (having been the person providing it as a former preschool teacher). I just wish that I could give them that one-on-one individualized & tailored instruction that is only possible in homeschooling. Other factors for me wanting to homeschool are the ability to have a very close-knit family, our own schedule, and the kids being able to have more nutritious meals during the day. I guess these things could reasonably still be possible if the kids went to school. I also have what I suppose are selfish reasons, such as wanting to be my kids main teacher, based on the fact that I love teaching, and wanting to be there to watch the lightbulb turn on for the first time when they learn something new. :/
  4. I have to make peace with it because I know that homeschooling is not the norm, whereas public school is. And because I do understand his reasons for not wanting to homeschool. He understands my reasons, but he doesn't think that they are good enough reasons. As I said, it's not an issue of calling off our marriage ... We agree about most things when it comes to raising our (future) kids. I am just trying to look at the bright side of the fact the my kids will most likely not be homeschooled, which would have been my preference.
  5. SKL - Thank you so much for that list! That is exactly what I needed. When you have read as much into homeschooling as I have, it's hard to find positive things about children going to school. I know I am getting a little ahead of myself, but having kids is something I have been looking forward to for over a decade (way over a decade) and sometimes it is hard not to think ahead. :)
  6. When I say argue, I don't mean a screaming and yelling match, but just a heated debate. He feels very strongly that kids should go to school, whereas I feel very strongly about homeschooling. That said, it isn't a make-or-break for me. We have been together for a long time and we agree on most things when it comes to having children and how they should be raised; this is just one area where we disagree. I'm not holding out too much hope that he will change his mind, so I am trying to instead look forward to just being as involved as possible in my children's education ... I think that I will always have a homeschooling mindset even if my kids attend a public or private school.
  7. My fiancé and I haven't even gotten our lives started yet or had kids, but I read TWTM years ago and have always wanted to homeschool. I'm beginning to see that he will never come around to the idea of homeschooling. We have spent hours talking (AKA arguing) about it, to no avail. Maybe by the time we have kids and they are approaching school age, he will change his mind, but I seriously doubt it. So, I'm wondering if I can reach some sort of compromise and make peace with the fact that I will not be able to homeschool. I'm curious to see what other people's reasons are for not homeschooling (esp. if you wanted to homeschool) and how you make peace with it, as well as what after schooling looks like for you. Thanks! :)
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