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  1. For anyone who has used both (or anyone who wants to give me their perspective on one of the two), can you tell me the difference between R&S English and Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind and what you think the pros and cons of each of them are? We went through all 4 levels of FLL and took the year off from grammar. We did go through WWE Level 3 this year to focus on writing. We are planning to pick up with grammar in the upcoming school year. Thanks in Advance!
  2. I hope it is ok to link to the thread :-). If not, let me know
  3. The first six weeks are available on this thread: How exciting!
  4. A couple of questions if anyone. Know. Does this pick up where FLL, level 4 left off, and is it more student directed than FLL?
  5. My DS, who will be 10 in the fall, completed AAS Level 4 four this past school year. He did well and enjoyed it. We worked on spelling 3 days a week. Reading some posts here, I notice that some are completing more than one level in a year. If you have done this, how did you organize it? Any other advice?
  6. My DS, 9, finished AAS, level 4 last year. We worked on spelling 3 days a week. He does well and enjoys it. Maybe we could completed levels 5 and 6 this year. I'd like to hear from those doing multiple levels of AAS in a year. How do you organize it? Any other tips? Teressa
  7. I would love a continuation :-). From what I saw, it seemed that what was offering was a jump from FLL 4. Maybe I was looking at the wrong curriculum. Can you link me to any samples or other threads please? Thanks!
  8. My DS has completed the fourth level of first language lessons. Now, I am trying to determine what we will do next. I am leaning towards IEW, but realize it is not a grammar curriculum. I was thinking about using Fix-It grammar along with IEW. I have also heard good things about MCT, but don't know about the format and all the different books. I was not too excited about Rod and Staff or Hake Grammar and Writing. I am open to hearing suggestions and how you have made different curricula work. By the way, we did not use WWE. Thanks in advance!
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