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  1. Sheryl- I saw your post on the vet social group about getting transport for a rescue cat somewhere far away. There is a huge network of people who drive rescued animals from kill shelters to no-kill, from rescues to forever homes, etc. It criss-crosses the country. When gas wasn't so $$$, I often drove a leg or 2, myself. A very easy way to help animals! Anyway, if you found the cat of your dreams in a shelter far away, it *can* be brought to you. There are Yahoo lists for the transport routes, for every state. Start in your state or the state of the animal, ask the shelter for help, too, as they have most likely organized transport for pets before. It may take a while to get your cat onto a transport headed your way, but it is *so* worth it to 1)find your perfect pet 2) rescue and adopt!!


    If you give me details like where the cat is, etc, I can be more specific in finding the transport list info for your shelter. It is *free* (though you might have to drive a leg, usually under 1 hour in length), as opposed to having a pet shipped, which is $$$ and often discourages people from adopting pets far away. All of the drivers are volunteers, who meet up at rest stops, transfer animals, and send them on down the line. Its pretty cool!

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