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  1. Whoo hoo, I 'm back in the top 10, and I didin't have to work any harder!!
  2. I'm a little competitive, and am finding being part of this group motivating, but I would prefer a realistic group of us homeschooler, or members of the forum. We are all in similar positions, I would imagine, so if they're outliers they must be extra special or working extra hard. I am lucky, here in Australia the weather is pretty good now, so I bring my kids out for a walk during the day, and I make up the balance of my 10,000-step goal when my husband comes home. I am dreading the summer, where I will need to walk at 5am to avoid bursting into flames also :)
  3. Good for you! I don't care as long as they are all WTMers :)
  4. Just had a look. We can have a public, public by invitation only, or private group but I guess it has to be set that way on creation?
  5. Haha, and Well-Trained Fitbit Group addicts ;)
  6. Who the hech is UNU - 589,526 steps ... our new leader?
  7. The bluetooth worry me. I no longer wear my Flex at night to give my body a break from the EMFs, and I try to walk barefoot on the grass or beach every day to ground. Yeah, I am turning into a hippie ;)
  8. Has to be the last one. She did over 38,000 steps one day. The woman isn't human!!
  9. Momma, slow down woman, you are putting us all to shame ;)
  10. Please let me know your training tricks? ;)
  11. Just joined. I've had my Fitbit for about 3 months, and now average about 10,000 steps a day. I went from couch potato, to mover with its help. Go Fitbit!
  12. My son, 12 at the time, used some great tutorials on editing photos on YouTube. There are some fantastic videos on drawing Manga too, if she wants to learn how to draw with Photoshop.
  13. I have audio books on my phone, and I am only allowing myself to listen to them when I walk. This is greatly encouraging me to get off my ass, as I want to see what happens next. A few time, while out for a walk, I have done a couple of extra blocks because I 'couldn't put the book down'. :)
  14. Wow, you were luck trulycrabby. I wish I had been so lucky with my iPhone when it went for a wash!
  15. Has he done blood tests on you? You need your progesterone and estrogen tested to see what is really happening. I wouldn't replace E without seeing your P to E ratio, and then I would only replace with a natural estrogen, not horse estrogen http://www.smart-publications.com/articles/dont-let-your-doctor-give-you-horse-urine-for-menopause
  16. I've got the Fitbit Flex, and love it!! I have gone from not moving much, to 10,000 steps a day, and am very proud of myself. I love the 'friend' ability on the Flex. I find that I don't want my friends to beat me, or if they do I want to work harder the next week. Have you read The Pioneer Woman's posts about them? I also wrote about mine, http://airskull.com/fitbit-flex/ , if you want to have a closer look at how the Flex works. I highly recommend it.
  17. My boys love http://www.amazon.com/Mini-Weapons-Mass-Destruction-Implements/dp/1556529538/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407481589&sr=8-1&keywords=mini+weapons and the other books in that series. Be warned, it will involves purchasing some supplies, and they make real weapons!
  18. My programmer 12 year old has been playing around with Scratch Jr all weekend. He thinks it's pretty good for the younger crowd, and it provided a weekend or fun for our older crowd. He is writing a post about it right now :) Scratch is a great place to start!
  19. That's us! Hope you found it useful Moxie! Any questions just fire away :)
  20. If you are comfortable with online tutoring, I am personally using a native french speaker on http://www.italki.com/. she doesn't want to teach children, but I did a few lessons with others who would. I picked mine based on the fact we got on. My boys have a tutor come once a week for French, and we do similar to what people say above. We also watch 80%of our TV/movies in French. Our tutor is expensive, but she is teaching my 4 at the same time. I am thinking about getting my oldest someone on italki too.
  21. First up, I don't schedule. I work best on the fly, and seem to get more done and am happier that way. Secondly, math and reading are my priorities. If we do nothing else at primary level we always do math and reading. Our worst homeschool days will still include an hour of math, and an hour of reading. So, we use MM as our spine, and work on it for an hour a day. 2- 4 times a week we do Extra Math, this includes the others listed. Some weeks we get a lot more Extra Maths done, some we don't. All my boys love Fred, so much so that we had to by the last book (We are not there yet in math) so they could read it to see what happened to Fred. We used the primary level Fred books, and my boys loved them, though I don't think I could have used them as stand alones, and they are very $$ as a supplement. If I am having a bad day (happens a bit :) ) I tell my boys to work on Khan Academy for the day, including other subject like History, and read. That way they are still working, and I get a break. I didn't mention some of the other math things we do, it seems a lot. I use even more than I listed above. But here is my list on my blog if you are interested. http://airskull.com/our-math-books/ I want my boys to have amazing math skills, and so far I think it's working. My boys all scored in at least the top 3% in the last Australia Math Test (http://www.amt.edu.au/eventsamc.html) they took, and one was in the .1 %.
  22. Math Mammoth is our spine and we use Life of Fred, Beast Academy, and Khan Academy for review. Phew, I think I got them all...
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