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Why are my green beans not flowering?

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When did you plant them? Are they pole beans or bush beans? Ours are pole beans and are just beginning to climb the trellis we set up for them. The flowering won't happen for several more weeks, yet, for us.


Also, sometimes, flowers/fruit won't set if there is too much nitrogen in the soil. IOW, the plants look wonderfully green, but nothing much else happens. I know that happens with carrots, but can't remember off-hand if the same is true for green beans.

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The plants look good but there is not one single bloom!



Everything brehon has said is dead on - beans will vine for some time before they flower - so my hunch is that it's just too soon. Along with excessive nitrogen, drought will also sometimes contribute to poor flowering or blossom drop. If there have been no extremes in your soil or weather conditions, I'd just give them a little longer.

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