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Threads that have been "moved"

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OK - though I've often felt completely overwhelmed at times trying to get a handle on the new board format, I think I'm at least beginning to find my groove for making them work for me. :) In an effort to continue to understand more about this format, I'd like to ask what it means to see a thread has been "moved" with a dash for # views, # replies, etc, etc. Can anyone enlighten me?

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It most likely means that the forum moderators thought the thread was more appropriate for another board here. For example, most of the moved threads I've seen have been those asking questions about how to use the new format, and there's a board here specifically for technical questions and things of that nature. You should still be able to click on the links for the moved threads, but they'll take you away from this (Parents Forums General Board) board and over to another. Make sense?

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