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So a car rolled down the hill and crashed into the front lawn of our rental property

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The emergency brake snapped. :glare:


It crashed through some shubbery and a retaining wall that I share with my neighbor.


Apparently the car owner's insurance company has accepted responsibility and will pay for the rebuilding of the wall and replacement of landscaping.


Question: How does the insurance company usually pay out this sort of thing? Do they send a check to each of us?


My neighbor did the bids- he is a good guy. He took the work upon himself to get all the quotes and submit them to the car owner's insurance. He has met with the adjuster and generally jumped through all the hoops necessary to get the ball rolling. The house is in Virginia and we live in Hawaii. I'm just now getting up to speed on what has been going on and *of course* my husband went back to sea just in time to avoid being here to make his reliably, level-headed decisions on all matters. :glare:


Since I'm not on the scene, I'm tempted to ask my neighbor to handle the rebuild and let him handle the money. I don't know any other way to take care of joint property like this.


Any experience? I'm thinking trees come down on joint property all the time.





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I think it depends on the insurance company. Some will compensate the owners for an average of the three estimates and others will pay directly the business that does the work.


I am sorry you are having to deal with this. It reminds me of my dh having hernia surgery 3.5 weeks before our move (he couldn't help at all). The timing of these things is always bad.

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I had something similar happen to our rental property. Our tenant basically ran into the house with his car hitting the garage frame and door. He says his transmission slipped or something. :glare: Anyways, his insurance (USAA) paid for the repairs. I have a Property Manager and they took care of everything. The insurance wrote a check for the full amount to me, and the Property Manager paid the contractors from that. They have a POA.


Now, for your situation, with two parties involved, maybe they'll send half to each of you or you can ask if the whole amount can just go to the contractor. But then it all depends on how the insurance company handles payments.


BTW, my husband had just deployed when this happened. Isn't it always like that? :lol:

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