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How long do you wait

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when you have sent someone a pm concerning a product they have listed for sale are wanting to buy before you look somewhere else or go ahead and sell it to someone else?

I always try to check my messages several times a day and answer back asap but I have waited for as long as a couple of days without an answer.

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I give 48hrs whether I am buying or selling. They may work or have a different Sabbath day that keeps them from responding. Beyond that I figure they aren't interested in the purchase any longer or have already sold it to someone else, depending on which side of the transaction I am on.

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Can you send them an e-mail instead of a pm? They may not be on the boards as much as they check e-mail.


But, to answer your question, I've never sold, only bought, on the boards, but I'd only really expect someone to wait for a couple of days for a response from me.

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