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Sure could use some input on dd's graduation.

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DD's 18th birthday is next week and graduation May 2nd. It's all coming up so fast. I am afraid that I will miss some "sentimental" opportunities to do something special for her. Right now my brain cannot come up with ideas of things we could do to mark this special time for her. (We have a small ceremony and reception planned. I'm talking more about personal sentimental things that we could do as her parents.) Obviously I don't have time to sew or create something big for her but wondered if anyone has done other things that would be lifelong treasures - or at least help to make it all special. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!

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My amazing friend Cecilia (daisychics) put together a montage -- like a slide show -- of 100 photos my husband and I picked out of Aaron. She showed it at our graduation luncheon/celebration. It was the highlight of the event.


John and I both spoke about Aaron, invited others to come up and say some words about him or offer well-wishes, and then Aaron gave a "speech." We concluded it by inviting people to come up, lay hands on him and pray for him.

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I made a scrapbook for my son. At his graduation party (he was not hs'd), I put a pile of pictures out for people to sort through. So many people recalled old memories in those pix and recorded them in the scrapbook. I put out glue and those photo corner things, nice felt tip archival markers etc. It was an awesome keepsake. My favs were his preschool classmates' additions. lol It's amazing what kids remember.

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