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If that is what you want to focus on, there are several available curriculums including Drawing W/ Children that teach the basics of drawing. It could be as simple as using the Draw, Write, Now books to do basic drawings and copywork to go with them. I don't remember the ages of your children, but even my oldest, dd11, (who can't draw to save her life!) likes these books.


Here is another fun plan: Usborne has an Art Treasury book that we like to use. It's basic layout is this: an artist profile on one page w/ one of his/her drawings/paintings/sculptures, etc. and then a project on the next where the kids (and you!) re-create something similar to that particular piece. My kids have really enjoyed it so far. We do take it a step further and study more about the artist (ala Charlotte Mason Artist Studies) and more of his/her work and then do the project or projects. Visit http://www.simplycharlottemason.com for some ideas on artist study. I'm sure others can recommend other curricula that is art-specific that teaches art more systematically if that is what you want.

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Mark Kistler's Draw Squad is a big hit around here. Our library has the video series (otherwise it's about $300! ouch!). I am going to order his book to go with it. On his website there are 3 free lessons which I think are fabulous. You might want to google him and check it out. My children are ages 11 and 9. It's a great introductory drawing curriculum for those ages.



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