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Have You Read the WEM?

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Have you read the Well Educated Mind? If so, what are your thoughts about the book? Have you tried the suggested "education" method for yourself? It looks great and the thought of educating myself further (one reason I love homeschooling my kids!) sounds great! :hurray: I'm always up for a challenge, but I'm personally not interested in furthering my degree or taking Adult Education or Online Classes. I like the idea of doing something on my own and at my own pace. Does it sound like the WEM is what I am looking for?


TIA Hive Mind,



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I really enjoyed the book and did keep a reading notebook for a while. It's been kind of neglected lately, but that's my own fault! I thought it was a good addition to my 'improve yourself through reading' collection. Why not get it from the library and see what you think before purchasing it?

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I read it and started it and then got pregnant with #5. :tongue_smilie: She's now nine months old so I'm approaching the time when I'll be able to pick it up again. I have a BA, but I feel like there are many holes in my education, particularly when it comes to classic literature that completing the WEM will fill. :)

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