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Lizards in the basement

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Well, one lizard, anyway, that I've seen. I don't mind lizards, personally, and since I've noticed one in our basement the insect population has gone way down down there. Not that it was out of control to begin with, but it's been a while since I've seen anything but the occasional ant down there (and we homeschool plus have our tv/videos there, so we are down there a lot).


So, I don't mind the lizard and he (she?) seems to be helping out. I just noticed him crawling on the wall and he's about four inches long, I'd say (just counting the body, not the tail).


Is there a reason I should try and catch this critter and send him back outside? We don't have the best seal on our windows, but he had to have been a baby when he got in. I don't think we have a lizard commune inside, they mostly like to hang out outside the windows in the shade. Can it do any damage?


FWIW, I think it would be really really hard to catch him, because we have a boatload of bookshelves down here he could easily crawl under/behind, and he is quite fast...

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I say - keep it. Lizards are the only reason my dad did not get malaria when he was in Uganda. He had a hut mate (a nice size lizard). The doctor had given him the wrong meds before he left. His camera man, unfortunately, did not have a lizard staying in his hut, and got very sick. They are the good guys!!!:D

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He won't do any harm. I nearly jumped out of my skin the other day when I heard a rustle in the grass next to my garden bed, but it was just a stumpy tailed lizard. I guess he's the guy responsible for the mouse that died of wounds in the middle of our kitchen floor the other week. That rather grossed me out, which mice do since I'm a real wimp, but I'm glad to know there's someone under the house there helping us in our attempts to eradicate the little beasties!




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