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Is Grey's Anatomy over for this season?

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there are either four or five more episodes.


the 100th episode is supposedly someone's wedding day. it's been stated everywhere who's wedding day it is......but just b/c it's someone's wedding day doesn't mean anyone actually gets married before the episode ends. Shonda's been tricky with her wording before - ie 'izzy absolutely does not have brain cancer'. Well, right. She doesn't. She has melanoma that *mestastasized* to her brain. Whatever.




i love grey's. The last new episode (Elevator Love Letter) was satiating. I loved it. It ended and I felt happy. All was right in my little Seattle Grace World. Even with Owen and Christina's difficulties. Knowing that Mer and Der moved forward into an engagement was just what I needed. In fact, I should probably stop watching now while they're happy;p The rollercoaster that is MerDer is way to stressful for me.


greysgabble.com has all of the current spoilers if you're into that.


Edited to add: looks like five episodes, the last being a double episode




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