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Anyone have a Mazda 5?

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This is hilarious--I literally bought one at 5:15 pm yesterday!


I don't have enough experience to give you a true review yet, but I'll tell you we're really liking ours so far. With a baby on the way, we decided to trade in our 2003 Toyota Echo. Dh is 6'3" and now fits comfortably in the front of the Mazda 5, though not the back, of course.


I'll post again once we've had it a bit longer.

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I think I over paid but that is another issue. I bought it because it was a six seater at the time I had a ford windstar that was running poorly. The Mazda 5 saved me a lot of money on gas.

The likes, it is easy to get in and out of parking spots, easy to maneuver. Good view all around (the Windstar had terrible blind spots in the front windshield). The seats are comfortable, good to keep clean. Controls are in easy reach. Love the hidden storage in the two middle seats. The two middle seats have easy fast fasteners for car seats, but the two back seats also hold car seats well. The Pergo seats fit the best, it was incredible. Having six seats are nice but now I only have one child to drive around and sometimes my grandson. I keep the last two seats folded most of the time and have a cover, which is very handy when shopping at Costco lol. The sliding doors are great, makes it much easier for getting in and out of the back seat, also closing the side doors is very easy most people tend to slam them which drive me crazy.

Dislikes, the carpet on the back of the two seats when folded is your cargo area is impossible to vacuum, we have a dog and no matter how hard I try the hair does not come off. My dd suffers in the summer the air conditioner does not make it to the back plus it is very noisy. I allow her to sit in the front on hot days. When I bought mine tinted windows were an after market option yet in the commercials and advertising it showed a model with tinted windows. The heat and aircondioner are very noisy when turned on high it is almost impossible to hear the radio. Love the option shifting in to a 5 speed it was a great option to get traction on icy days.

I have had to get the electronic engine undated twice I think it needs it again, not sure if there will be a charge for this in the future so far they haven't. The thing I hate the most about this car and have complained to my service department every time I take it in. Sometimes not often enough for anyone to catch as to why it happens it will jerk hard the first time it happened I looked behind me thought I was rear ended but it was the car. To best describe it I say it is like teaching someone to drive a standard that is very bad at it and they don’t shift when they put in the clutch. It doesn't happen much it is mostly when cold it hesitates at times; it is hard on my very bad neck. When they do the updating on the engine it helps for a period of time. It has also stalled for no reason; these things worry me what if it happens on the highway.

Also the back sounds like an old old station wagon, it rumbles and vibrates and I have never carried a heavy load.

This past winter I was home bound a lot because of the low profile I just became a snow plow and got stuck just getting out my driveway. There is such little space between the tires and the car that it is almost impossible to put on chains, this being our main car made it hard for skiing time. Snow tires are over two thousand for this car not sure it would of helped much. Also being so low I have hit the front bummer on curbs a lot I have even damaged the front bummer the first week I had it.


We are mostly short people in this family, but my son 6' hates my car his knees hit the dash.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

My opinion it is a good second car for getting around, if you are into winter sports I would skip this car.

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We have had our eye on this vehicle for awhile - watching the prices, etc.

The main things drawing us to it are the 2nd row captain's chairs (with the cool storage) and the ability to fold up or down the back row for extra seats. We like the size and style overall. Plus the overall price and reliability and safety and all that seems good. Everyone in the family gives it a thumbs up (not a frequent occurrence to have total agreement!)


OK, the negatives --- you're saying it is quite noisy - didn't notice that on the test drives. And that jerky thing does not sound good!!


What is it with the tinted windows? All the advertising show it, but it doesn't seem to come standard!


Hmmmmmm, we have to think about it more.

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We got the light silver with the black cloth interior. We thought we wanted red or blue, but the red was not what we expected and the blue was a bit dark for us. Plus, you have to get the sand interior with the red, and we didn't think that would work well with kids! Thus, we ended up buying what they had on the lot rather than ordering one like we had planned. We've only had it a day, but we've loaded it up twice now and have had a smooth ride thus far.

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I didn't notice the noise when test driving, that is the heater noise, but you sure notice it when it is cold and you have it cranked. In fact it is so noisy I have it turned off when I back up because I want to be able to hear someone honk at me if I don't see them.

As for the vibration noise that started 6 months ago and reminds me of the old large station wagon my mom had when we were kids.

Oh and I forgot one other thing AndyJoy you maybe interested in this don't know if the newer models do the same thing but mine does: when you park for a few hours you will want to back in so you can drive out. For some reason if when you first drive by backing up after it sitting for awhile your breaks will screech loudly it is embarrassing. It has done this since the first day. The salesman warned me about it

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Ohhh pick me pick me :hurray: I had one when we were living in Europe - 2006 - 2008. Travelled all around Europe in through their tiny little villages etc. Versatility plus. Just loved that car. It handled beautifully, drove like a real car on narrow twisty roads....was very sad when we sold it (moved back to Australia).


The only negative things I can think of - snow. Was awful to drive in the snow....got caught out in a sudden snow storm one day, was not impressed. I have heard that winter tires make a huge difference. The other negative thing was the aircon for the final row passenger - had to really blast it for it to reach the back (imagine icles in the front).


My 68yr old mother would often sit in the back row and travel with us for 1000kms on holiday. (The kids were in car seats in the middle row.) The versatility was great.


Would buy another one in a heart beat if they had them here in Oz............


:auto:Fi - now stuck with a Prius....

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