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Is it possible to update a thread so that everyone can tell there is an update?


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It would be nice if you could put "update" in the thread title. Sometimes I think about updating a thread, but unless it says update, wouldn't people just think that it has been added to, but not necessarily updated?


Or do you start a new thread with the old title and the word update? I thought I saw Admin say that it was better to post within the old thread so people knew exactly what you were talking about.

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You CAN put update in the thread title, actually. I'm not sure if that was part of what you were asking, but if you edit your original post and the click Go Advanced, you can change the thread title and add UPDATED to it. (Sorry if you already knew that!)


I've seen that when people post separate UPDATE threads, the mods have been merging them with the original threads anyway.

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