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Life of Fred - print type question


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I've been looking at the samples of Life of Fred math on the website & some of the pdf's have odd line alignment typos. For ex. on p.4 of the Beginning Algebra, where it says Hi! This is going to be fun! the alignment is kind of off. http://www.stanleyschmidt.com/FredGauss/__LOF%20BA%2016%20page%20sample.pdf


Not a big deal in that sentence but I noticed a couple similar probs in the Fractions book sample where some of the fractions are out of alignment with each other.


Are similar glitches in the actual books? And if so, is this something that has bugged you or your kids?

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Funny, I found this when looking at the Life of Fred sample, and I'm guessing it would apply to "typography" skills as well :D


In the first month or so, I found I liked algebra better than . . .


English, because the teacher couldn’t mark me down

because he or she didn’t like the way I expressed myself or

didn’t like my handwriting or didn’t like my face. In

algebra, all I had to do was get the right answer and the

teacher had to give me an A.


I'll admit to enjoying artful (and proper) page layout, and clean design. So this sort of thing "bugs" me a little. When publisher of homeschool materials go to the trouble of making their materials graphically interesting (rather than looking like the came straight off a word-processing document from the last millennium) it pleases me.


Life of Fred does seem like an intriguing approach, so I'd get past not liking its "face" if the material proves valuable. But still......



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Don't judge a book by its typeface... :)


My son loves Life of Fred. We haven't noticed any typeface or alignment anomalies.


Once you get into the Algebra book, the fact that some of the answers are in the text and some of the answers are in the Home Companion is far more annoying then any book layout concerns. Nevertheless, we like the books so much that we deal with this.

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