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Are there any programs that teach math through art?

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Using a Steiner/Waldorf-inspired approach to introduce new concepts might really help. While you won't find a specific curriculum per se, you could pick up a few books & browse the web for ideas. A Little Flower Garden just came out with a math book that, while I haven't seen it yet, is getting very good reviews from other Waldorf homeschoolers - she provides more specific lesson plans that may be helpful. Here's another example, also using math gnomes (I've seen squirrels used rather than gnomes too), and here's another: Gnomes and Gnumbers - there's some ideas here also. Teaching Mathematics in Rudolf Steiner Schools by Ron Jarman is a good resource as well but not cheap. If you're interested in this or need help introducing a specific topic, PM me & I can give you some other resources...


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Math Art: Projects and Activities Dozens of Creative Projects to Explore Math Concepts and Build Essential Skills by Carolyn Ford Brunetto


Some of the projects include:




Pyramid Gift Boxes

Grapha Wall Hanging

Geometry Sculptures


Numbers and Computation


Math Wanted Posters

Number Pattern Connect the Dot Puzzles

Multiplication Houses




One meter Designs

Lifetime Time Lines

Marvelous Mobiles




Terrific Tessellations

Weave a number pattern



Number shakers

Family Garden Bar Graph




Fraction Flags

Fraction Quilts

Color with Fractions

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