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One hour of demo and now loud fans.

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On Friday, dh noticed the wood laminate in the kitchen was swelling at the joints. Saturday we found out why. A hose from the dishwasher wasn't connected/broke something. There was water standing under the dishwasher. Then as dh watched, water started pouring out under there somewhere.


He called several friends who are DIY-ers or work in the biz. Get a new dishwasher and call the insurance company. Yep, the floor is covered.


So they tore out the wood laminate, the pad under the laminate, the old nasty linoleum. We're down to sub floor in the kitchen. And the subfloor was actually wet in one place. I have 3 (count them! 3!) heavy duty fans and 2 heavy duty dehumidifiers. It is loud. I had to go upstairs to make a phone call. And the joy! I get to have these things until Friday!


We bought a new dishwasher on Sunday. It was supposed to be delivered Friday. But since they will be back to get the equipment on Friday, dh said let's move the install. So now the dishwasher will come on Tuesday. But hey, look at the bright side - my dishes should dry on the counter in record time, right?


I may have to take the kids to the library for school for the next few days.

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Since the admin people want follow-up posts under the original!


The fans have been here overnight and well into the next day. UGH! They are loud. But at least I had a meeting this morning that I could take the kids to and tomorrow is co-op. They did come this afternoon to check the floor. It's drier. Parts are still quite wet, not visibly so. They have a meter. Parts are still in the red. Most of it is in the green.


On a side note, dh called someone to look at the dishwasher since insurance wanted us to. The guy was a piece of work as dh says. He turned on the dishwasher, making the floor more wet! He did fix it but he also said "I wouldn't use it." I guess a hose actually fell off. Even though he re-attached it, it could easily fall off again.

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I'm glad it is starting to dry. It takes so long, doesn't it! Sympathy here!


I don't understand why a hose that came off would be that much of a problem. It seems to me that you could get some kind of clamp to really attach it securely. It sounds like a call to Home Depot (they really are helpful if you describe the problem) might be in order. Or another plumber (though they are so expensive!)

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