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I'm so happy...the Sale/Buy board is fabulous!

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I've been able to sell most of the curricula sitting around our house not being used and make a huge dent into next year's cost. Not only that I've been able to collect a lot of next year's curricula for less than I'd pay at Rainbow Resource, sometimes even 50% off RR's prices!


I haven't sat down to crunch numbers, how much earned from sold items minus the mailing costs and how much spent on new/used curricula but I'm tickled PINK b/c I know it has been worth it. I haven't spent any of my own money to buy the new stuff, just the money I earned.


In the past I've just bought new b/c I figured I have 2 kids to use everything with so it's better to buy new and wear it down ourselves. Okay, probably a waste of a post but thank you Peace Hill Press for this board!!!

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