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science for my 5th grader going into 6th grade

lori in tx

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We normally take science through co-op but my son is not liking it at all, they are using RS4K and he is bored and the teacher seems to be somewhat overwhelmed ( a new hsing mom and new to co-op). So next year I am wanting to do a "program or curriculum" with him at home and have him take a fun science class, instead a serious one and fun one. Does this make sense?


So I am looking for something that will get him ready for the serious classes he will take in 7th grade with our co-op. They use Abeka and my oldest son (not the one I am talking about) is loving his class. I have looked at Noeo and really like it but I don't think the notebook pages will stay useful for long. I am looking for something that includes a lesson plan all ready done for mom, hopefully something that can be done in 4 days, something with some worksheety or chapter questions type things and something with an easy experiment maybe once a week or once every two weeks.


They are studying atoms and physics this semester so I think something Earth Science or biology. He has done several astronomy classes.


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I'm trying to decide btwn that and Apologia Astronomy for my 3rd and 5th graders next year. CKE has a variety of Earth Science topics including Weather, Atmosphere, some Astronomy (1 unit covering planets, sun, moon), rocks/minerals, etc. Lots of activities to choose from. Not a lot of worksheet type stuff or quizzes, but you could do your own. They include a folderbook (lapbook I'm guessing) as a unit wrap-up. If your 6th grader is a strong reader and strong in science, you could have him do Apologia General. OR, choose one of the Elementary Apologia courses (Botany, Swimming Creatures, Flying Creatures, Land Animals). Oh, CKE also has a Biology book as well. We did that this year along w/ God's Design for Life series.

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