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Need ideas for care package...I just found out my mom broke her arm today

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My dad just called to tell me that she fell this afternoon and had surgery. She will be kept in the hospital for 24hrs.


It was her left arm. She usually works 40 hrs/week at her office job, transports my adopted siblings all over the place and she finally found a good exercise routine for herself.


The kids are 11-14 so they should be able to take care of themselves. My dad is semi-retired so he should be able to handle the transportation.


She won't be able to drive, will she? I'm rambling. It kind of freaked me out that my dad called at 11:30 p.m. his time. Soooo out of character for him to call, especially that late.


OK...care package ideas?

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So how about...



microwave popcorn


a DVD or two

chai or hot chocolate mix

bath stuff- spa salts, etc.

paper plates and pretty paper napkins (kinda cheery on a dull day)

an iTunes gift card if she's tech savvy

pedicure kit



Does that help?

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Thanks, everybody! I just talked to her on the phone. She's pretty bummed, but doing ok. She almost started crying when when she told me that the ambulance crew had to cut off her coat and sweater (that we bought her last year for her birthday). She'll be getting a new sweater! DD is drawing her a picture right now. I'll scan it and email it to my brother who can take it to her tonight. I'll look into sending her an audio book or dvd also. I'm 2000 miles away and feel so helpless!

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