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what kinds of things do you do to avoid becoming a "Martha" Honestly, what we do hasn't really changed as my family grows...we're still a CMish type, educationally things are going as they have and pretty content with materials and instruction and we are pretty organized...but I soemtimes I feel a little " ok let's get this done so I can go to the next one" bad attitude creeping in and I think what a poor model of patience....obviously prayer and grace, but what else has helped you avoid this..or am I the only one? :)o

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EVERYBODY is required to have this one hour quiet time. The older children have literature readings to do in this time while the younger ones just spend it on their beds playing or reading (3yo usually falls asleep). The best bit is that this is MY quiet time too where I can do whatever I like ;) or just rest...:p I find it great to have some time to do something else, that doesn't have to involve school work or schedule. It just gives me a breather.

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I had typed out a long reply with a few interruptions and went to post and it had logged me out and I lost the post. So....here is the condensed version. :)


I have several practical things I do and a philosophical point of view (that actually includes Martha! I think Martha gets a bad rap!)



*I get up before my children and allow myself 30 mins for a cup of coffee and reading email and the boards. I need this me time before I start the day.

*I don't go to bed (and neither to my children) until the house it picked up. It doesn't have to be clean (as in mopped and vacuumed) but it does have to be tidy. Messes distract me and make me feel compelled to clean them. So, I eliminate that problem by simply not having messes in the morning (other than 2 yo toy messes.....I can live with that. ;) She definitely creates plenty of those while we are working.

*I throw a load of laundry in before we start school for the day. I know that sounds so silly, but I can't focus unless a load has been started.....but you definitely know how laundry can take over our lives!

*I know what we are having for dinner first thing in the morning that way mentally I can plan on when I am going to start it. I can cook while I have discussions or someone is reading aloud to me, etc.



I don't believe Jesus was reprimanding Martha b/c she was working. Someone has to do the work. I think Jesus was reprimanding Martha for not respecting that Mary was doing what she was supposed to/called to do b/c Martha didn't view it as being equally important as what she was doing. This is where we as homeschooling moms must evaluate our "hats." I treat homeschooling as a full-time job with a full-time commitment. If I were going out to work, rushing really would be counter-productive. The "clock" doesn't move faster if I rush nor is it the the key to quality performance. In order to be evaluated as a quality performer, I must work diligently with high quality results. Teaching is my job!! Outside people's views or opinions don't change the value of what I am doing. I must focus on my calling.


Secondly, but definitely not last......I had a friend die on Wed. She was a homeschooling mom until uterine cancer took over her life. The only day we have is the one we are living. Every task done for the love of Jesus, even the ones we don't enjoy, is a task that has value. I try to offer every day's undertakings to Jesus when I wake up in the morning. I don't want to live my life rushing from one task to the next. I remind myself that each task needs to be completed with a positive attitude b/c that is the task that is currently put before me as having value. Being a homeschooling mom is my vocation. (back to Martha again....I must appreciate the task's value!!)


Another mom of many also told me that when she is having a particularly hard day with a certain child, she reminds herself to not look upon the face of her child, but upon the image of Christ within the child. She literally says to herself, "Come to me, my little Jesus" to remind herself how she should respond. That is advice I try to follow!


Gotta go unpack more boxes..... :)

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and I am so sorry about your friend. Yours and her family will be in my prayers...


actually. I just love the Martha story---later in the story, she is the first one to meet Jesus....she took her "talking to" with a good heart attitude.


I guess I was reaching for an example. you, know I do those things you talked about--laundry before school, tidy before bed. After reading your post,I must admit somewhere along the line I started multi-tasking too much, all the time and created a bad habit. Thank you for the reality check.


I am really sorry to hear of your friend....Oh Lord teach us to number our days... here's a quote I read the other day.


"Here dies another day

During which I have had eyes, ears, hands

And the great world around me;

And with tomorrow begins another.

Why am I allowed two?"

- G.K. Chesterton




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