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We're BACK!

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We are home from our month in Germany! It was so amazing. I never thought I'd spend a month away from home and be really sad when it was over. We did and saw so much!


We went into Nuremburg and did the Kristkindlemart (sp?), we went into Bayreuth and saw the Opera house there, we went to several Christmas things in the tiny towns around Vilseck, we went to England for a week and went through the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, saw the Eye, St. James Park, etc. and to the abbey at Bury-St. Edmunds. We went to Flossenburg Castle and the concentration camp there, but we got snowed out. We went to the Neuschwanstein Castle and thanked our lucky stars we don't live in the Alps (too cold).


It was absolutely fabulous. Hope you all had a great Christmas and happy New Years celebration!

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I have always said I'd start a blog, but first I have to dig out from under being gone from home for a month. I *know* I left my house clean, but the kids have been going psycho the last 2 days and I can't see the floor in any room in the house. I don't know how people find time to really blog!

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