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Assignment Notebooks

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After trying all sorts of planners and notebooks to keep track of assignments I have finally decided to design my own. I'm copying it out and then will have it spiral bound. I've got daily assignment pages and pages to list books read independently but I was wondering if there are some other pages I should stick in there. Field trips? That's all I could think of. Any other ideas before these are bound?:confused:



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would you consider comb-binding instead? If you do that, then it might be easier to have pages inserted when you think about them :-) Of course, you can always see if they'd be willing to add pages to a spiral bound book too.


in addition to week-at-glance double page spreads have a year-at-a-glance calendar on one page, a page of holidays, and double-page-spreads of each month. i also included the master schedule of our year-long assignments and goals, and pages for contact info.

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After extensive research on these boards last summer, I designed my own planner notebooks and I am the happiest mommy ever - with my planner, that is.


I only planned 12 weeks, though, and then had more pages inserted over the holiday break. I was worried I'd totally change my mind about what I wanted. But it all worked. I got my books wire bound, and it is not at all hard to change the pages. I prefer the wire binding because you can fold the book over on itself. And I have this irrational hatred of comb binding.


Some of the things I did with my books (one for each kid) that have not already been mentioned - first, this is pretty anal, and someone, Jennifer the Good Witch, I think, suggested that perhaps I might be pregnant because I was thinking too hard about this - I color coded assignment sheets by subject. I photocopied every curriculum material I was using that had its own assignment sheets, and put those in the back of my homemade pages. I color coded these by subject. So everything geography related is green, everything history is "goldenrod", everything Latin is blue.


I also put in answer sheets, color coded by subject as well. My older son required a separate book for that, but for my 11yo, everything fit in one book. I also color coded the covers so I knew which book was for which kid.


I put in some plain lined pages where I record the funny things my kids say about their work. (me: "Excuse me, where did you get those M&Ms and why are you playing with them when you are supposed to be doing your math test?" Ds 11: "But mom, it's the battle of Marathon!!!")


I really needed to simplify my life and I found I had materials scattered all over my tiny house and could not find things when I needed them. So I just put everything into the books I could think of.


Oh, also, when I made my planning pages, I modelled them after some pages at donnayoung.org, and I put a table checklist for a week of daily chores and stuff in the footer of the document, so every page has one.


You will be so happy and I am not even kidding you! And I recommend just going downtown. Really go overboard because you can always cut things out later and decide what will work or not. Whatever tiny things make you enjoy this creation, put them in. My colors make me happy, so I just went for it. Does that make sense?

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