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Counselor recommendation letter for your homeschooled student after attending private school for 3 years

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As I said in my first post, my son homeschooled until end of 8th grade and then went to a private high school for 3 years. Now that he chooses to go to DE at our state university for his 12th grade, he has to drop out of the private school and become a homeschooler again. For college application I need to be his high school counselor and write counselor rec letter. How do you guys write your dc rec letters? This is what I am nervous about. 
i didn’t have to write one for my oldest son when he applied to the state university because it was not required.

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Noting that not only will you need to write his letter, but also provide his transcripts and school profile. Since he attended only a brick and mortar school and a community college, I wouldn't include course descriptions.

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On 8/1/2022 at 2:58 PM, Malam said:

Have you tried contacting his counselor?

His counselor was very hostile when I contacted her. Basically since my son withdrew from the school, she sounded like she had nothing to do with us not able to find or use the Naviance account linked to the school. 

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